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by Matt Goering

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For a long time metal roofing was primarily viewed as a cold climate product. After all, it's well known as a superior roofing material when it comes to preventing ice dams and shedding snow and ice. Recently, however, increased environmental consciousness, higher energy costs, and a growing demand for energy efficient building products have led to a growth in the popularity of metal roofing in Atlanta and other areas of the South as well. Thanks to advances in technology, primarily roof coatings, metal roofing is now an excellent product for any climate, Atlanta included.

Cool Metal Roofing in Atlanta
Not much in Atlanta is cool. Instead, in a city also known as "Hotlanta," everything's hot. The temperature's hot, the music scene's hot, the business climate's hot, city growth and development is hot. So why not buck the trend and be cool? Cool metal roofing in Atlanta allows you to do just that. Cool metal roofing is one of the most impressive developments to come out of the push for energy efficient building materials. Basically it utilizes a combination of the reflectivity of metal, the reflective properties of lightly pigmented roofing, and technological advances in heat emissive roof coatings, to end up with a form of Atlanta metal roofing that pays huge dividends to homeowners who have it installed. How effective is cool metal roofing when installed on an average Atlanta home? By most accounts a cool metal roof will save you up to 40% on your annual energy bills, and since a metal roof in Atlanta is likely the last roof you'll ever have to install on your home, this is one of those rare home improvements that is going to pay for itself many times over as the years roll by.

How does Cool Metal Roofing in Atlanta Work?
Like we mentioned, Atlanta metal roofing of the cool variety utilizes a combination of two primary factors to prevent heat from getting into your home. Think about a dark asphalt roof on a hot summer day in the A-T-L. As the sun beats down, asphalt absorbs most of the radiant heat carried by the sunlight and transfers it directly into the attic or living space below. It's why attic spaces, especially poorly vented ones, can easily reach scorching temperatures of 150 degrees Fahrenheit or more. Take that same summer Atlanta sun and belt it down on a cool metal roof, however, and you've got an entirely different scenario. Here's why:

  • Reflectivity—Where asphalt and dark tile absorb the majority of the sun's heat that hits it, a cool metal roof sends it packing. Metal naturally reflects sunlight away from the roof. Reflected sunlight, and the radiant heat that comes with it, never gets a chance to heat things up and work down into your home.

  • Highly Emmissive Roof Coatings—The second way that a metal roof in Atlanta can cut your energy costs is through highly emissive roof coatings. Even a highly reflective metal roof can't reflect all of the sun's radiant heat. Some is still going to be absorbed. The difference between a normal roof and a highly emissive one is what happens to that absorbed heat. With asphalt shingles, for example, that heat is generally transferred down through the roofing into the house. Lightly pigmented highly emissive roof coatings, on the other hand, re-emit the radiant heat back into the air instead. By some accounts the combination of reflectivity and high emissivity that is manufactured into today's Atlanta metal roofing transfers 90% less heat into your house than traditional roofing materials. That means big savings on your summer cooling bills, a big deal in a climate like Atlanta's where A/Cs are commonplace and run around the clock in the summer months to keep Atlantans cool.

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Atlanta Metal Roofing Costs
HomeAdvisor refers thousands of contractors to homeowners every day, and we track all of those jobs, including final costs, project durations, and customer satisfaction, to ensure that our customers are getting the quality service, and services, they expect. Based on that data, there's a surprising similarity in metal roofing costs across the nation. Almost every metal roofing job that's associated with our referral service, be it up in Minneapolis, Minnesota or down south in Fort Walton Beach, Florida, ran right in the neighborhood of $5,000, with a high of $8,000 and a low that bottomed out at $3,000. It's safe to say that goes for Atlanta as well, though don't forget that there's always an exception to the rule. Roof pitch, the size of your home, the number of gables, and the material you choose will all have an impact on final costs of metal roofing in Atlanta.

Atlanta Metal Roofing Savings
With most home improvements, homeowners focus in on cost. With metal roofing, however, you'll also want to take notice of the savings. We've already mentioned the energy savings you can expect, but there are other benefits to metal roofing in Atlanta as well. Energy Star tax credits are available if you purchase approved cool metal roofing, and most insurance companies will give you substantial breaks on your homeowners insurance due to the combination of high durability, longevity (most metal roofs are guaranteed for 40-50 years) and incredible fire resistance. In a city with as much business savvy as Atlanta, it's hard to ignore the across the board benefits of Atlanta metal roofing.

Matt Goering, formerly a carpenter and house painter, is a freelance writer for the home improvement industry who has published over 600 articles.