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by Matt Goering

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Looking for a good bathroom in Boston? Check out the Boston reviews at Crappers Quarterly ( for the latest skinny on the best public boudoirs in town. Apparently, the restroom on the 12th floor of 1 Post Office Square is tough to beat. Boasting routine cleanings, fabric towels, "headache meds," and breath fresheners, it's as good as public restrooms get. With all due respect to the editors at Crapper Quarterly, however, most of us still prefer the privacy of our own bathroom at home, and when it comes to creating a bathroom space that's worth bragging about, installing the right bathroom cabinet in Boston is a must.

Boston Bathroom Cabinet 101: Making Something Out of Nothing A well-designed bathroom cabinet in Boston creates storage space by taking advantage of unused and neglected spaces. Skeptical as to where all that overlooked space might be? The key is to think outside the box. Trust us, even in one bedroom Brownstone apartments and cramped row house dwellings, there's always a way to maximize your storage space with a creatively built or installed bathroom cabinet in Boston.

  • Built-in Cabinets—One of the most valuable, and abundant, storage spaces available in your Boston bathroom is currently hidden behind the drywall. Built-in cabinetry makes use of the space within your walls to create cabinet space that doesn't eat up valuable square footage. Finished wood creates a more traditional look to match more historic Boston dwellings, or you can slap on a few coats of paint so that your cabinetry complements a more contemporary color scheme.

  • Wall-Mounted Cabinets—When most natives think of a bathroom cabinet in Boston, their imaginations revert to base cabinet designs. Since the floor of your bathroom is the most occupied, and valuable, space in your bathroom, however, it's smart to set your sights a little bit higher. Wall-mounted cabinets are installed on the wall at eye level in your bathroom, and usually over the toilet (to reduce incidences of goose eggs and black eyes in the middle of the night). Not only do wall mounted cabinets provide storage in the cabinet itself, they also can be outfitted with towel racks on the underside for hand towels and washcloths.

  • Medicine Cabinets—To the detriment of many a homeowner, medicine cabinets are often overlooked when it comes to developing a system of efficient bathroom cabinets in Boston. Medicine cabinets come in three basic designs. Built-in models, like the cabinets already mentioned above, fit inside the wall, with the mirror flush with the surface. Wall-mounted medicine cabinets are much easier to install (and quite a bit cheaper), and sit on the surface of the wall. Or, if you like having a foot in both camps, you can install built-in medicine cabinets that extend out a few inches from the wall to create more storage space.

  • Bathroom Vanities—The king of the Boston bathroom cabinet is still the vanity, and when it comes to vanities, the old phrase 'bigger is better' usually applies. Obviously, the size of your bathroom will dictate what you can do, but if you've got the space, investing in multiple drawers and a generous amount of under counter storage space is well worth it when it comes to reducing clutter and increasing the functionality in your bathroom space. Finally, don't forget that the vanity is a central design feature in your bathroom, as well. Luxury countertop materials, double sink vanities, and antique or contemporary designs, are all vanity design features that you might want to consider if you're looking for a way to spice up your bathroom design in Boston.

    Well thought-out bathroom cabinet designs are the key to reducing clutter, increasing organization, and making the most of your bathroom in Beantown. Talk to a bathroom designer, a contractor experienced in cabinet installations, or a retailer who deals in bathroom cabinetry about what your options are when it comes to finding the perfect bathroom cabinet in Boston for you and your home.

    Matt Goering, formerly a carpenter and house painter, is a freelance writer for the home improvement industry who has published over 600 articles.
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