Custom Bathroom Cabinets: Philadelphia's Space-Saving Solution

by Jon Nunan

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For older homes in Philadelphia, bathroom cabinets are likely to take up more space than they are worth. In many cases, the storage space in these older bathrooms seems to be little more than an after thought and could use a bit of an overhaul. Those looking to increase the value of their home or just looking to increase the functionality of the place they live in, should take a look at custom cabinetry.

Common Philadelphia Bathroom Cabinet Drawbacks
For most people looking to change the storage space in any room, the biggest problem to resolve is that of inefficiency. Either a cabinet is too deep to find things when you need them, to obtrusive to really utilize the existing floor space, or too high or low to be accessed conveniently. All of these problems are caused by poor planning, and each can be fixed by designing a system that is made for your particular situation.

Benefits of Custom Bathroom Cabinets in Philadelphia
Even if you don't live on Bainbridge (or have a bathroom the size of a closet), most bathrooms can benefit from installing custom cabinets. Having a storage system that is specifically designed for the space it's in not only looks good, it helps you keep that space looking good. More than having a built-in soap dish or a department store organizer, custom cabinets will assure that you've got a place for everything you could possibly need in a bathroom (often with room to spare). That means less clutter, and easier cleaning to boot!

Additionally, custom cabinets will be designed with your tastes in mind. More than just a quick fix, you'll be able to work with the builder to create a design that will fit your specific needs and have the look you want.

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Philadelphia Bathroom Cabinet Pricing
Just like every other place in the country, in Philadelphia, bathroom cabinets don't come cheap. The average cost of installing cabinets for the nation is around $6,000, while building custom cabinets runs close to $5,000. These averages, however, also reflect the prices for kitchen remodels—it's a safe bet that the cost for building and installing custom cabinets in a bathroom will be significantly less (and for a small bathroom near center city, you'll probably be able to lower that figure even more).

The Do-It-Yourself Option
Even with the discount for urban Philadelphia, bathroom cabinets will still be quite an investment both in installation and in initial purchase price. Those with carpentry skills might consider building their own custom cabinets, which they can install themselves or hire a professional to put in. This option might go a little easier with some professionally designed cabinet plans. These plans can be purchased online (very simple designs can even be found for free).

While the DIY option is certainly not for everybody, cabinets are a relatively safe project because you will rarely have to do any major alterations to the structure of the room to put them in. Those without experience, however, should probably avoid pulling out cabinets that house any plumbing as damage to pipes or fixtures is a whole other ballgame.

Jon Nunan is a freelance writer who draws on his experience in construction, ranging from landscaping to log home building, for his articles on home improvement.
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