Dallas Hardie Board Siding

by Marcus Pickett

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All types of siding offer both pros and cons, but few siding installations combine all the things you can ask of a cladding like Hardie board siding. The cement fibers in Hardie siding give you the strongest, most durable siding on the market. Engineered specifically to mimic the beauty of wood siding, it'll give your home the curb appeal it deserves without skipping a beat. It's all but impervious to pests, fire, and severe weather. If you're looking for a siding installation in Dallas, Hardie board siding has it all.

Hardie Plank Siding: Dallas, TX
Hardie board siding is also called Hardie plank siding. There's no difference. It was developed more than 100 years by James Hardie for the Australian housing market. You can now buy generic fiber cement siding, although the James Hardie Company is still the leader in this area. Dallas Hardie plank siding is a particularly good idea for homeowners who plan on remaining in their home for many years. Dallas Hardie siding will probably last as long as the house itself, and look good the entire time.

Fiber cement siding requires a mandatory paint job, although you can always order your Hardie plank siding pre-treated. Either way, this paint or color treatment will protect your siding investment and produce any number of decorative effects that you desire. Fiber cement is a far cry from the concrete sidewalk outside your home. The best way to look at it is having a blank canvass for you to choose what you want your home to look like. The sky's the limit.

Cost of Dallas Hardie Board Siding Installation
Most forms of siding are extremely comparable when it comes to overall cost, although vinyl does tend to be slightly cheaper. The average cost of a siding installation is around $6,000-$7,000 and Dallas Hardie board siding is no different. Of course, the biggest factor in determining cost is the size of your home. We see projects come in as little as $3,000 all the way up to $10,000 or more. Doing your homework and talking to multiple Dallas Hardie siding contractors is also vital to ensuring you get the best possible price. The real cost-cutting benefits of Hardie board siding is the lack of any maintenance down the line. Once you've installed Hardie siding in your Dallas home, you can begin to look elsewhere in your home to invest your money.

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Project Length of a Dallas Hardie Plank Siding Installation
One notable disadvantage of Hardie plank siding is that it's difficult to install. While no siding is particularly easy to install, some siding involves fairly straightforward nail and hammer work. Not so with Hardie plank siding in Dallas or anywhere else. The hard, brittle cement fiber planks require special installation techniques and must be handled carefully to avoid cracking during the installation process.

The average project length for a Dallas Hardie plank siding installation is about two weeks. This doesn't necessarily mean you'll have someone pounding on your home for 14 straight days. Weather and scheduling can often cause temporary delays. Plus, most homeowners don't want someone pounding on their homes 24 hours a day. In fact, siding installation is one of the only home improvement projects that you'll most likely want to be absent for. Still, as long as you don't have a habit of holing yourself up in your house, a siding installation shouldn't be a huge inconvenience.

Marcus Pickett is a professional freelance writer for the home remodeling industry. He has published more than 600 articles on both regional and national topics within the home improvement industry.