Dallas Tree Service: Trimming and Felling

by Marcus Pickett

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Trees are almost always a great asset to any home. Unlike other landscaping, concrete paving, wood decks, or swimming pools, their installation is up to Mother Nature, whose installation time may take well over a generation. This makes it imperative to take good care of your trees. A poorly maintained tree is waiting for disease to strike, which can cost several hundred dollars to treat and/or several hundred more to remove. Few homeowners elect to remove a tree from their yard, but sometimes intrusive root systems accompanied with loose soil can make it a necessity. Or, some homeowners simply can't take one more season of leaf raking. Whatever your tree service needs, a Dallas tree service professional is out there for you and your yard.

Dallas Tree Removal
To fell a tree is an inexact science even for professionals, and should not be undertaken by a homeowner. Though your tree may look like it's going to fall in one direction, extreme measures must be taken to guide it along an intended path. Even still, protective measures must be taken for any surrounding structures, in case the tree has a will of its own. Despite seemingly innocuous surroundings, you should never, ever attempt to fell a tree, especially with a pick-up truck and chain, or a chainsaw and a strong push.

One of the most common questions about tree removal is the need for a permit. In Dallas, you do not need a permit to remove a tree if your property is less than two acres and is used for a single family or duplex. This does not mean you can use a chainsaw and a strong push to fell a tree, though. Plus, any tree on the parkway requires a permit for removal.

Although to fell a tree is no simple task, it's often what happens once the tree is on the ground that causes problems between homeowners and Dallas tree service contractors. Before the project begins, make sure you clearly communicate what is expected for removing the tree from your property and grinding down the remaining tree stump. Many homeowners find it beneficial to have their tree or tree branches chopped up for mulch.

Dallas Tree Trimming
More common tree service involves tree trimming and maintenance. Often, to keep a tree healthy and healthy-looking, tree trimming is necessary to promote new growth. Unlike tree removal, tree trimming is something you can tackle on your own, but many homeowners elect to hire a Dallas tree service professional, and with good reason. Naturally, a professional will have the necessary equipment to safely and efficiently trim even the tallest of trees. Moreover, these professionals have intimate knowledge of where and how to trim a tree to get the best results. When done properly, you can frequently see new growth within a day or two of having your tree trimmed.

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The Cost of Dallas Tree Service
In general, you may get what you pay for, but you're also going to get the most bang for your buck by asking around. You'll want to be specific about the service you want done from each Dallas tree contractor. It's a good idea to be suspicious about any bids that are substantially lower or higher than the competition. This is often a sign of inferior work or price gauging. With tree trimming, however, we have heard from Dallas homeowners who found that some of our contractors dramatically underbid the competition, and still receive quality, professional work. Your best bet may be to take a look at our ratings and reviews section once you begin talking to contractors to get an overview of how homeowners have felt about the work each one has done.

For homeowners who are trying to plan ahead for estimates and get their budget in order, it's notoriously difficult to tell you just how much the job might cost, especially without knowing the scope or size of the tree services you're looking for. If you just need a contractor to show up with basic shears and take care of a tree or two, you might be looking at $100 or less. Most of the time, however, homeowners are looking to trim fairly tall trees that require more commercial-grade equipment. Jobs of this nature may take a few hundred dollars. Meanwhile, large, comprehensive jobs or tree and stump removal can often range more than a $1,000 to get the job done.

Marcus Pickett is a professional freelance writer for the home remodeling industry. He has published more than 600 articles on both regional and national topics within the home improvement industry.
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