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by Matt Goering

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Bathrooms and tile are as synonymous in the Mile High City as Elway and the Broncos, as Longs Peak and the Rocky Mountain skyline, as Casa Bonita and Cliff Divers! When it comes to creating a beautiful, functional, safe, and distinctive bathroom, bathroom tile in Denver is the first place you ought to turn.

Denver Bathroom Tile Doesn't Have to Mean Flooring Tile in Denver The first thing to get out of the way is the idea that tile is for floors. Even in the rest of your home that's selling yourself short on the possibilities tile has to offer, but in the bathroom, it's downright blasphemous. Not to say that a tumbled marble or ceramic subway tile floor isn't a great bathroom flooring tile solution in Denver, but when you figure in backsplashes, countertops, tub and shower surrounds, tubs, sinks, showers, and even decorative wall coverings and trim, there are a host of applications that are perfectly suited to bathroom tile in Denver.

Denver Bathroom Tile is Brimming with Possibility If there's a situation in the tiling world that can get your motor revving about tile possibilities, the bathroom is it. Linoleum floors and those pastel blue ceramic shower tiles your grandma had are a thing of the past. Today's bathroom tiles are cutting edge in every sense of the word: including their design, function, looks, style, and even how they're made. Here's a list of some of the most popular and trendsetting Denver bathroom tile products, just to introduce you to the possibilities.

  • Subway Tile—Who would want their bathroom to look like an old subway station or subway station restroom? Lots of people. Reclaimed and reproduction line subway tiles are available in hundreds of shapes and sizes (though colors are limited mostly to black and white). This is perfect bathroom tile in Denver for creating a 50s, retro-style look.

  • Glass Tile—From colored to clear to glass tiles enhanced with metal oxides (think motor oil in a puddle, only focus on the appearance, not the bad environmental stuff), these tiles are one of kind. They tend to be mosaic in nature (i.e. small), and since we mentioned environmental issues, the majority of glass tile is made from recycled glass.

  • Concrete Tile—With the help of modern technology, concrete tile (or concrete floors cut to look like tile) can be made to mimic just about any stone product, polished or rough, or you can enter the otherworldly realm of acid-stained concrete. Even better, concrete is a heck of a lot cheaper than real stone.

  • Pebble Tile—Exactly what it sounds like. Real pebbles are glued to square mesh backing, then usually installed as bathroom flooring tile in Denver, especially in showers.

  • Decorative Tile—Be it hand-painted Mexican terrazzo tiles or air brushed contemporary designs, decorative tile is a great addition in bathrooms, especially as an accent or border.

  • Stone Tile—No tile is tougher, better looking, or better suited to bathrooms, than stone. Marble and granite are perennial favorites, though travertine is another popular option. If you're on a budget, engineered stone, ceramic stone tile, and concrete stone tile are all less expensive options that are virtually indistinguishable from the real thing. A word of warning: standing water + polished or sealed stone tile = slippery surfaces. Going with rougher hewn, or tumbled stone, is smarter from a safety perspective.

  • Mosaic Tiles—Not just for arts and crafts anymore, mosaic tiles are at the front of many Mile High City homeowners' wish lists when it comes to Denver bathroom tile. Ceramic, glass, metal, decorative, or plain, these tiles can be used in a traditional or contemporary manner to create a bathroom that will take your breath away.

    Think Outside the Box with Denver Bathroom Tile Believe it or not, that list is just scratching the surface of what's available when it comes to bathroom tile in Denver. Ceramic tile alone provides you with hundreds, if not thousands, of design options; and things such as heated flooring tile in Denver can make your tile selection not just a matter of looks, but can incorporate foot warming comfort into your design as well, which is well worth the extra cost on cold, Rocky Mountain winter mornings. If you're interested in bathroom tile in Denver, talk to a bathroom designer, tile specialist, or tile installer about what it's going to take to make your tile dreams a reality.

    Matt Goering, formerly a carpenter and house painter, is a freelance writer for the home improvement industry who has published over 600 articles.