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Whether you're looking to spruce up your house a little, need a little more privacy from that nosy neighbor across the street, or are trying to fight off the cold of a front range winter or the 300 days of sunshine that the Mile High City is famous for, there's sure to be a Denver window covering solution out there that can meet your needs. Traditional window treatments, window awnings and overhangs, shutters, insulated panels, and even installing new windows, are all options for the Denverite looking to improve the looks, efficiency, and privacy of the windows in their homes.

Reasons for Installing a Denver Window Covering
Generally homeowners fall into one of three categories when it comes to window coverings. The first are just looking for a little face lift when it comes to their home design, and window covering in Denver is certainly an excellent place to start. The second group of homeowners is primarily concerned with energy efficiency and comfort, and sees window covering in Denver as a solution to efficiency issues that arise in the winter and summer months. Finally, with the perpetual growth that the Front Range has experienced over the past several decades, privacy can be a serious issue in Denver's crowded and ever-growing suburbs. Anyway you cut it there are a lot of excellent reasons to pursue new window coverings for your Mile High home.

Denver Window Covering: Your Options
The world of window covering in Denver is a huge one, and can be a bit intimidating to navigate. Here's a quick breakdown of some of the most popular choices for window treatments in the Mile High City, and their uses.

  • Natural Blinds, Light Drapery, and Other Window Covering in Denver—These window coverings are for those who want a little privacy, but are more concerned with looks and letting in valuable outside light. They tend to be thin and less expensive than alternatives, though they don't provide much help in the realm of energy efficiency.

  • Heavy Drapes, Wood Blinds, and Shutters—These window covering solutions are primarily used to create total privacy, to fight the uncomfortable effects of the relentless Colorado sun, and to block out sunlight for those who want darkness (i.e., you work the nightshift and sleep days). Heavy drapes can also function as a good insulator in the colder months.

  • Roman and Cellular Shades—These shades come in many forms and are your best investment if you're looking for attractive solutions to improving energy efficiency in your home. Cellular shades are built with a honeycomb type construction that traps air and provides an insulative barrier between the window glass and your home; roman shades block air flow, especially styles that magnetically seal to the window frame when lowered. Reversible shades are also available which have dual colored sides. The light side reflects sunlight, facing out in the summer to reduce heat gain; the dark side absorbs it, capturing valuable heat when turned outward during the winter months.

  • Awnings, Shades, and Insulated Panels—If traditional window coverings aren't your cup of tea, you might consider some of these less traditional solutions. Window awnings, overhangs, and insulated panels block sun and trap in heat and cold, respectively, thought they're generally not as effective in improving the interior design of your home as much as most other options of window covering in Denver.

    Denver Window Covering Cost
    What should you expect to pay for window covering in Denver? Based on the data we collect from post-consumer surveys of customers who've used our referral services to find their contractors, the average Denver window covering costs the homeowner about $550. Check with a professional in window treatment design, or interior decorating before you settle on a budget, however. Everything from the size of your home to your choice of treatments can drastically influence that final cost. We have records of jobs that cost $50 and others that ran $1,500. Quality window treatments aren't cheap, especially those with the capability to do more than just beautify and provide privacy, so be prepared for a little sticker shock when you get a final estimate.

    Consider Using a Contractor Referral Service to Assist Your Upgrade
    Generally we don't like to toot our own horn in the midst of these articles, at the risk of sounding like we're pushing a sale. We'll make an exception with Denver window covering, however. Finding a professional who understands both the practical and aesthetic applications of window coverings isn't easy, and our customers generally concur that going through a referral service like is a good call when it comes to finding quality help. Take this quote from a homeowner who used our services. He wrote: "From the day I requested the service on to the day the blinds were installed was less than two weeks— [our contractor] offered paper temporary blinds for the time that the blinds were being made, which he would come and fit and place in the windows. Wonderful company. Deciding on the colors I wanted was the most time consuming, so get an idea of your color scheme before you [make a decision]." A second Denverite concurred, though chose to keep their comment short and sweet. When asked if they had any advice to give others on the process of acquiring new window covering in Denver, they responded "nothing but to call HomeAdvisor sooner." Our contractor referral services, which can put you in touch with everybody from interior decorators to window installers, are a great way to cut down on the legwork it takes to find and hire the right person for the job.

    Matt Goering, formerly a carpenter and house painter, is a freelance writer for the home improvement industry who has published over 600 articles.
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