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by Matt Goering

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One of the big advantages of living in a Western city like Denver is the fact that anything goes when it comes to home design. Because of our relatively young history, Denverites aren't hemmed in by traditional architectural styles and traditions like you might find in New England or down South. Denver window shutters are an excellent example. If you lived in Savannah, Georgia or Bangor, Maine, your shutter choices would probably be influenced quite a bit by local traditions and architectural design. Here in Denver, however, you can choose any shutter you please, be it the warm, inviting look of plantation shutters or the utilitarian feel of New England designs. The only rule to live by is to choose a shutter design that fits your personality and your Mile High City home.

Denver Window Shutters: Shutter Design 101
Seeing how interior shutters are by far the most common shutters installed in Denver homes, we'll start with little discussion on what to expect when you hit the showroom floor.

  • Materials for Denver Window Shutters—When it comes to interior shutter materials, let your budget and your interior design scheme guide you. Wood is by far the most popular material out there, and you can choose from everything from finished oak to painted pine, depending on your preference. If you're looking to cut costs, window shutters in Denver are also available in composite materials that are usually more economical than solid wood designs.

  • Denver Window Shutters and Slat Size—Besides shutter material, you'll also need to decide on how wide you want your shutter slats to be. Plantation-style shutters traditionally have wide slats, while New England style shutters sport narrow ones. Of course, you can always buck tradition and go with something in between. In fact, from a practicality standpoint, when it comes to finding a good balance between letting in sunlight and providing privacy, something between the two is probably your best bet.

  • Denver Window Shutters: Louvered vs. Set Slats—Finally, you'll need to decide between louvered designs, which are shutters with slats that can be opened and closed, and window shutters in Denver with set slats. If you go with the latter, your shutters will be of the hinged variety, and you'll need to swing them open or closed depending on how much light or privacy you're shooting for. Louvered designs are set directly into the window, and the amount of light and privacy is regulated by how much you open or close the slats, similar to opening or closing a set of blinds.

    Exterior Denver Window Shutters
    Of course, not all shutters are meant for interior purposes. Exterior shutters are also popular, though in this day and age they're usually fastened directly to the home as window dressing, and don't open or close on a hinge. The days of needing exterior shutters to protect windows are long gone, and in a climate like Denver's, modern windows are plenty durable to withstand anything the weather has to throw at them.

    Choosing the Right Material for Exterior Window Shutters in Denver
    The only decision you really need to make regarding exterior window shutters in Denver is whether you want wood or vinyl shutters. Cedar is the preferred material for wood shutters for obvious reasons. It naturally holds up better to the wear and tear exterior shutters experience. Vinyl shutters, on the other hand, are virtually weather-proof and maintenance-free. For that reason most homeowners choose the latter, since exterior shutters are usually non-functional anyway. If you do want the option of opening and closing your exterior shutters, your only option is wood, since vinyl shutters can warp over time if they're not firmly secured to the exterior of your home.

    If you're interested in Denver window shutters for your Front Range residence, then talk to a supplier or installer about getting a set of shutters made to custom fit your home. From sizing to materials to installation, they're your best bet when it comes to purchasing and installing window shutters in Denver that will last a lifetime.

    Matt Goering, formerly a carpenter and house painter, is a freelance writer for the home improvement industry who has published over 600 articles.
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