Garage Door Installation: Give your Property a Lift

by Jon Nunan

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Maybe you are thinking about erecting a new garage, or perhaps your old garage door has seen better days. Either way, garage door installation is a relatively small job that will make a big difference in your everyday life.

Choosing a Garage Door
In many ways, your garage door installation can only be as good as the door you choose to install. There are many different kinds of doors available, and each model is best suited for a different situation.

Steel doors offer excellent protection while wooden doors have more aesthetic appeal. Those concerned with environmental issues can choose composite doors that contain recycled wood fiber. There are even companies that will let you send in a design and they will make a door out of it!

Automatic Garage Door Installation
In most cases, those who put in a new garage door will want it to open automatically. Those who use their car a lot will find that an automatic door is very convenient both coming and going. Just about any style of door can be made automatic with the proper opener. Whether the door lifts, swings, or rolls up, there is sure to be an opener that suits your needs.

The opener you settle on should be both within your budget and strong enough to do the job, as well. Obviously, some doors are heavier than others. Additionally, some operations require more power than others. Most garage doors will have one or two recommended openers. Going with one of these suggested model is a good way to ensure proper operation.

Though most homeowners today tend to opt for automatic doors, there are still some benefits to having a door that opens manually. First off, there are far fewer components, so they are less likely to malfunction. Additionally, it is less expensive to install a door without an automatic opener, while the money you save can be spent on other upgrades.

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DIY Garage Door Installation
Though not an extremely intensive process, garage door installation still requires some careful planning and knowledge of mechanics and carpentry. Professional installation is highly recommended for those without much experience. Also, the warranty on some garage doors and openers may be voided if not installed by a professional.

Workspace Garages
There are many things you can do with a garage other than simply parking a car in it. One of the more popular alternatives is using the space as a work area. When a garage holds tools and people instead of a car, the qualities of a desirable door are different.

In very warm or very cold climates, insulation becomes an issue when people will be spending long hours in the space. This goes not only for the door but for the walls and ceiling, as well. Many garages aren't built with windows, so having some in the door is another option that can really brighten up a garage workspace.

Jon Nunan is a freelance writer who draws on his experience in construction, ranging from landscaping to log home building, for his articles on home improvement.