Kansas City Garage Doors and Openers

by Marcus Pickett

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Don't underestimate your garage door. With a significant role for your home's safety and security, its curb appeal, and daily convenience, a solid, reliable garage door with a modern opening system is one of the most value-oriented home improvements out there. It may not have the flash of a kitchen remodel or the enormous impact of a bathroom remodel, but for a fraction of the cost you can complete a project that will greatly enhance your residence.

Kansas City Garage Doors and Door Openers: Installation Options
If you're looking at a new garage door for the first time or if you haven't installed a garage door in the last decade or so, you're bound to be surprised by the number of options you'll have to choose from. A visually stunning wood door is the door of doors when it comes to garages. These heavier doors often require a stronger and more expensive screw-driven opening system. Plus, they may warp over time and exposure to moisture. Metal doors are the most common choice with steel offering superior strength and durability and aluminum generally considered the most cost-effective option. Fiberglass is one final option and has a cost and performance similar to aluminum.

You have even more options when it comes to garage door openers. Along with screw-driven assemblies, chain-driven openers are the cheapest and most popular form. Belt-driven assemblies are the ticket for homeowners who need a quieter way to open and close their garage doors. Automatic garage door openers are the norm now with a wide array of remote, keypad, and wireless key models available. For high-tech, state-of-the-art convenience, computerized access will allow you to control your garage door from your work office.

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Kansas City Garage Door and Door Openers: Maintenance and Repair
Too many homeowners either don't have (or fail to complete) a basic maintenance schedule that can identify problems early on and ensure your garage door can be operated safely. Be sure to lubricate and visually inspect your door every month. To make sure your reversible safety features are working properly, place a wood plank in the path of your door; then, when you close the door, you'll be able to see if it stops and reverses when it hits the obstruction. Additionally, you should make sure your door will stay open when raised some three or four feet to test its balance. Some garage doors will have additional monthly maintenance as specified by the manufacturer.

If something does go wrong with your garage door, you'll more than likely need to hire a contractor as the mechanisms in many models can be more difficult to fix properly than they might appear. That being said, however, garage door damage that appears extensive is often less severe than many homeowners imagine, and often do not require a new installation. This is what one Independence homeowner told us, "They did a great job; they were able to fix the garage door without replacing it. Saved me lots of money. The serviceman arrived early and finished the job early. The doors work great now!" According to the ServiceMagic database, the cost of repairing a Kansas City garage door is very affordable; the average cost of repair comes in at about $250, but we tend to see plenty of repairs in the $100-$200 range.

Kansas City Garage Door Contractors
Across the country, any successful home improvement starts with finding a quality contractor; the repair or replacement of Kansas City garage doors is no different. This is where ServiceMagic can help: Not only do we match you with contractors that are local, we also put each and every contractor in our system through a rigorous 10-step screening process to help homeowners avoid companies that are less than reputable. Moreover, our quality-controlled, online database of customer ratings and reviews will allow you to view feedback on specific companies from other homeowners in Kansas City. Garage doors are certainly not the most glamorous facet of your home, but they are still an important one; while damaged units are only likely to get worse with time (and could even present an open welcome to theft or vandalism if visible to passers-by), many homeowners have found that getting a garage door fixed is a relatively painless process that greatly improves their property.

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