Newark Garage Organization

by Marcus Pickett

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It's simply incredible how quickly things can pile up in your garage. The high density of Newark creates a large number of homes and households that simply lack an ideal amount of space. Basic home storage is often the first aspect of your home to suffer and fail to meet your demands. Sadly, even overflow storage from basements can quickly overcome a garage. If you lack a basement adequate for storing items or have a finished basement, forget about it. Absolute diligence is required to maintain your garage. Often, the first piece of advice for garage organization is to use the buddy system: You may need to enlist some help in creating the three infamous piles of save, donate, and pitch. After that, scan every last inch of your garage walls for opportunities to place shelves, cabinets, bins, hooks, and other types of storage solutions.

Remodeling your Garage Space
No garage organizing project is futile, no matter how it feels on Saturday afternoon knee-deep in clutter. Some homeowners, however, decide they're ready to take the next step and remodel their garage for more livable conditions. The impetus for this decision could be any number of things, hobbies, or passions. Fans of home theaters and home gyms can find great use in a remodeled garage, and, of course, there is always the notion of putting the band back together. But what often prompts a homeowner to remodel his garage has nothing to do with what's being put into the garage, but rather what isn't— an automobile. Two-car families are realizing that they can do better things with their money than pour $4 gallons of gas into a pickup truck, SUV, or sports car. In fact, by selling this vehicle, you can pay for a wonderful garage remodel that essentially adds livable square footage to your home.

Professional garage remodeling contractors are one of the newest and fastest growing specialties in the home improvement business. They can help you design a garage space with new lighting, plumbing, electronics, insulation (for sound-deadening and/or energy efficiency), heating and cooling, and any other type of amenity you can imagine. At a fraction of the cost of a home addition, you can create a garage space that rivals, matches, or even surpasses the comfort level of the rest of your home.

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Newark Garage Flooring
You may not have any desire to play 9-Ball or No Limit Hold ?Em in your garage; you may have no need to set up half a dozen easels or a computer desk. Still, you may want to upgrade the look and furnishings of your garage, anyway. Homeowners who use their garage as the primary entry and exit point for their homes tend to want the space to look as nice as possible. Once you've found your garage floor, you may be less than pleased with its appearance. There are incredibly innovative and inexpensive ways to freshen the look of your garage flooring in Newark. Concrete staining is the most popular. This revolutionary process of staining concrete with stunning colors and patterns will make your garage floor one of the star decorative components of your home. (Concrete staining also works wonders for basements.) If this isn't your thing, you can opt for a more high-end flooring tile specifically designed to withstand the abuse garage flooring typically sees.

Cost of Newark Garage Projects
Too many homeowners think that they can transform with nothing more than time and hard work. To some extent this is true, but there are also limits to what you can do with your garage without making at least a modest financial investment. Plus, many homeowners (you know who you are!) are doomed to let their garage space return to its former state without some type of formalized incentive and assistance. That said, here is a rundown of the average cost of common garage projects. Of course, your specific needs and garage space can cause these figures to fluctuate quite a bit. Choosing different contractors to complete the work will also influence the cost of the project, along with the quality and look of the final result.

Garage Remodel: $10,500
Garage Organizers: $1,250
Garage Door Installation: $1,100
Garage Insulation: $1,500
Concrete Floor Coating: $1,100

Marcus Pickett is a professional freelance writer for the home remodeling industry. He has published more than 600 articles on both regional and national topics within the home improvement industry.