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In Orlando, home heating systems may not be the priority of homes in northern climates, especially compared to air conditioning. A harsh Orlando winter involves one in which you need to worry about frost killing plants. Still, some form of heating is needed to stay warm during overnight cold snaps. Some people can manage with a few well-placed space heaters, but the most homeowners prefer the convenience of central heating. In Orlando, heating systems aren't put under the same energy-efficient pressure. You're not going to save enough money with the mild winters of central Florida to justify dropping an extra grand on a high-performing furnace. No matter what your heating demands and personal comfort levels, we can help you find the right contractor for the job.

Heating Systems in Orlando: Gas Furnace or Heat Pump
The most common form of central heating is the gas furnace. In Orlando, however, there may be a better bet for your home. Heat pumps work by exchanging warmer and cooler air particles from inside your home and the outside air. These heat pumps are extremely efficient. A reversible process, it can heat your home in the winter and augment your air conditioning in the summer. These systems are insufficient when temperatures become extremely high or low, but this is almost never an issue during Orlando winters. If you install a hybrid system, you can use a heat pump during moderately warm temperatures, and an external thermometer will let your home know when it's time to engage the conventional air conditioning unit.

Orlando Heating System Maintenance and Inspection
Once your new heating system is in place and has a few years under its belt, do yourself a favor and have it inspected each year. Since many homeowners don't feel this is necessary, at the very least, throw your system on during the fall before the temperatures dip too far. Identifying problems early will allow you to catch Orlando HVAC contractors before their schedules start to fill up. Basic cleaning services will extend the life expectancy of your furnace and make sure its working at an optimal efficiency level.

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The Cost of Orlando Heating Systems and Gas Furnaces
The national average for a new heating system installation trends upward toward $10,000, although for a moderately-sized unit with a minimal energy-efficiency rating, you can generally keep the cost of installation to $5,000 or lower, unless you have a large home. The cost of a heat pump in Orlando can range all over, depending on the efficiency rating, ability to operate in warmer and colder temperatures, and an ability to work in concert with an air conditioning system. Various heat pump models and installation can cost, literally, anywhere from $1,000 to $15,000.

Orlando Heating System Contractors
Orlando heating system contractors are HVAC contractors who generally work on air conditioning systems and pivot for a few months to the heating industry. You can find contractors in the Orlando area who know enough about heating systems to make a good living in Minneapolis. Others may be faking their way through to make ends meet during the off-season. Each and every contractor in our system has been put through a rigorous 10-step screening process for every task we assign them. This means only qualified HVAC contractors will be matched to your Orlando heating system request. Moreover, you can look at our database of customer ratings and reviews so you can see what other Orlando homeowners have said about individual contractors and home heating options for Orlando in general.

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