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by Marcus Pickett

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Drywall was a revolution when it exploded onto the residential construction scene, dramatically reducing the cost and time needed to build homes and complete comprehensive home remodel projects. Plaster walls aren't dead, but they are certainly in the vast minority of homes. For new home construction, only homeowners with esoteric tastes who hire custom home builders even consider installing plaster. That said, it's almost as rare for a home to go through its entire lifetime without need for some type of drywall repair. Just recently, HomeAdvisor has helped facilitate more than 100 drywall repair projects from Chandler to Gilbert, Glendale to Peoria, and throughout the greater Phoenix area.

Common Causes of Drywall Repair in Phoenix, AZ
The following list is only the more common causes of drywall damage. Though drywall is certainly vulnerable to damage, it's still by far the most cost-effective material for interior walls. As you'll see, in almost every case, the underlying cause has little to do with the drywall itself. With general home maintenance, you can dramatically reduce the chances that you'll need to repair drywall.

  • Household Accidents: Probably the single most common cause of drywall damage, accidents usually mean an impact of blunt force. This can be anything from an errantly swinging doorknob to "nail popping" to a quick-tempered household member with a solid punch.

  • Plumbing Leak and Water Exposure: A slow leak in one of your pipes can cause drywall to become saturated with water and, with time, soften and crumble. If you think this might be the case, you'll need to fix the leak before you repair your drywall. Though Phoenix is far from a wet climate, roof damage can also lead to drywall-destroying leaks.

  • Sinking, Shifting, Moving Foundations: Though less common, this is the nightmare scenario for a Phoenix homeowner, especially if the movement is substantial enough to affect the long-term well being of your home. Long cracks in your drywall, warped windows, and out-of-jamb doors are some of the more common symptoms of foundation problems. Fixing this problem can cost many thousands of dollars.

  • Wallpaper Removal: An easily preventable problem, it's a common and endlessly aggravating problem for homeowners who have just moved into their new home. Though you may know this is the reason you apply a primer coat before applying wallpaper, the previous homeowners may not have taken similar care.

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Phoenix Drywall Contractors and DIY Drywall Repair
The size of your drywall repair generally indicates the plausibility of completing your own drywall repair. The smallest damage can be repaired with caulk. Small sections can often be repaired with a joint compound by a reasonably handy homeowner. Anything that involves cutting and plugging in a new section of drywall, on the other hand, can theoretically be done by an ambitious DIYer, but it generally isn't recommended. Drywall repairs of this nature are one of the most underrated projects in terms of DIY difficulty. Even handy homeowners will need to invest a good amount of time, a few trial-and-error sessions, and will typically make a mess during the project. Even after you've got the hang of it, you probably won't be able to do nearly as good of a job as the pros. If at all in doubt, call a Phoenix drywall repair contractor.

Cost of Phoenix Drywall Repair
Just as with the need to hire a professional, the size of your repair will also largely determine cost. The overall average cost of drywall repair is $500 with projects in the Phoenix area ranging all over from as low as $100 to as high as $1,000. The type of drywall finishing from the original installation that the repair needs to match may also influence this price somewhat. As with any home improvement project, you'll also want to get multiple estimates. Rather than spending hours pouring through the phonebook, playing phone tag with contractors who may or may not be reliable, request drywall repair through HomeAdvisor and prescreened contractors will contact you about your drywall repair needs.

Marcus Pickett is a professional freelance writer for the home remodeling industry. He has published more than 600 articles on both regional and national topics within the home improvement industry.