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Having a tree in your yard is a wonderful thing. Not only do they look pretty and provide shade and a certain amount of protection from the elements, but they can also increase the market value of your property. Since trees are living things, however, they do need to be cared for from time to time. Just like people, trees need a check-up every once in a while, and sometimes, they can get sick and require treatment. In Pittsburgh, tree service is essential to keep your property as healthy and beautiful as possible; whether your trees are young or old, check-ups and treatment are often necessary to keep your home's flora at its best.

Seasonal Pittsburgh Tree Service Needs
Due to Pittsburgh's weather, some problems are more likely to occur in different seasons. In spring and fall, southwestern PA sees a lot of fungal growth. Seeing any significant amount of fungus growing on your tree's trunk is a bad sign and you should call a professional promptly. During the winter, the snow and ice that rests on a tree's branches can really cause some weight issues. To prevent property damage over the winter, have large trees that have not been trimmed serviced by early fall before there is any threat of icy precipitation.

When to Call for Tree Service in Pittsburgh
For many tree or shrub issues, hiring an arborist (a tree specialist) might be overkill. If you just want to keep your hedges trimmed, a gardener or landscaper will probably be less expensive. Tree service usually deals with issues that go beyond simple maintenance. If you notice that your tree is looking ill, or you need to have a large tree pruned, hiring a certified arborist is the way to go. You should also call for tree service once a year to catch small problems early and keep them from growing into big ones.

Unfortunately, some trees simply cannot be brought back if they are already too damaged by disease; others might have simply grown too large to remain in the space they're in. Having a large tree completely removed is definitely a reason to call for tree service. Pittsburgh residents may need to consult local ordinances if they want to get rid of a tree that is not posing a threat to people or property.

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Trim Trees

Removing a large tree is a big job. Many tree service companies will have a few different options to choose from for dealing with a tree that has been cut down. You may be able to turn your old tree into mulch to help a new one grow, or (in the case of a diseased tree where turning it into mulch might not be advisable) have it cut into firewood to make your home cozier. In some cases, stump removal is considered a separate task (with a separate bill), so make sure that the people you hire know everything you want done when getting an estimate.

Prices of Pittsburgh Tree Service
Hiring an arborist to give your tree a check-up is generally inexpensive, and, in many scenarios, they will give you a free estimate if you need some more work done. Pittsburgh prices for stump removal are usually in the $300 or $400 range. To remove a tree entirely, you are looking at a range of about $500 to $1,000. Most of these operations don't take much longer than a few hours, but for more complicated jobs, the duration might be a few days or more.

Jon Nunan is a freelance writer who draws on his experience in construction, ranging from landscaping to log home building, for his articles on home improvement.
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