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by Jon Nunan

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There are many reasons to upgrade your window coverings in Pittsburgh, PA. Aside from the obvious improvement in appearance, new curtains, shades, and blinds, if they are installed with insulation in mind, can actually make the temperature in your home more comfortable and reduce drafts. Window coverings also have the job of keeping the interior goings on of your home from being seen by people outside, which is a pretty important task.

Types and Uses of Pittsburgh Window Coverings
While certainly able to spruce up a dull room, a Pittsburgh window covering is also a useful tool to keep out the cold in winter, and block bright sun in the summer. Especially in older homes, tons of heat transfer happens around windows due to gaps and outdated glass. A set of thick, heavy drapes or curtains put behind a window creates a pocket of air that acts as a buffer between the air you want to keep inside and the air you'd prefer to stay outdoors. This buffer is actually quite an effective tool in maintaining a comfortable temperature in a room, as long as the curtains are kept closed.

Window shades can not only help reduce room temperature during the summer, but can keep sunlight from landing on furniture. Anyone who's ever had part of a couch fade prematurely because it was exposed to a good amount of direct sunlight will tell you that even the most expensive shade is well worth the price of keeping furniture fabric from early aging.

Increasingly popular vertical blinds are an excellent choice for a window covering. Pittsburgh homeowners will find that they are not only stylish, but with a good backing, they can block a huge amount of light, provide excellent privacy, and even create an insulate barrier of air much like that made by drapes and curtains. Plus, vertical blinds are generally easier to operate and will hold up better than Venetian blinds or mini-blinds. They can even be automated to open, close, or tilt at the touch of a button.

Exterior shutters, a classic Pittsburgh window covering if ever there was one, are now used as much for decoration as they are to block light and wind. In fact, many of the shutters on the market today are built without function in mind and are installed purely for decoration. Shutters that open and close, however, are still available and make a beautiful addition to the outside of a house.

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Residential Pittsburgh Window Film
Curtains, blinds, and shades aren't the only option for keeping your interiors cooler during the summer; since many properties still have inadequate air conditioning in Pittsburgh, window film is a viable option for blocking sun-rays and keeping your home cooler. Pittsburgh window tint specialists are able to apply a special film to your home's windows (just like many people do to their cars). This film comes in several varieties and can allow you to easily see out of your windows while blocking sunlight or glances from passersby from entering.

Even more important for homeowners in Pittsburgh: window tint is also able to keep heat from radiating out of your home during the winter months! The performance of window film can vary dramatically from product to product; for homeowners in Pittsburgh, window film designed to keep heat from escaping, block heat coming in, and provide a certain level of breakage security (yes, window film can do that, too!) is probably the best choice.

Benefits of Hiring an Interior Decorator
Whether you've got your eye on curtains, shades, shutters, or window film, Pittsburgh interior decorators can be of great benefit when planning your next window upgrade. Hiring a local interior decorator has several benefits, many of which are not as obvious as you might think. An interior decorator will have the training and experience to suggest the best possible set up for your space; whether you home is newly built of a few centuries old, your decorator will be able to design a window upgrade that fits in and enhances (rather than detracts) from the overall charm of your property.

The job of an interior decorator doesn't stop with just looks, either; hiring a professional will ensure that you are using the best materials for your needs and are getting the most practical set-up for your space. You will be able to work together to create a room that's worth the money you pay for it, rather than just guessing which materials and treatments might work for you. There is a huge selection of window coverings available today, but only a handful will fit your home perfectly. A professional opinion is an excellent tool for steering you in the direction of those items, and because many professionals have friends in the industry, you may even be able to get discounts on materials and/or installation by hiring one.

Jon Nunan is a freelance writer who draws on his experience in construction, ranging from landscaping to log home building, for his articles on home improvement.
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