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by Jon Nunan

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When it comes to flooring, few materials can compare to carpet. Not only is it easy to install and inexpensive when compared to other flooring options, carpet is also attractive and more comfortable underfoot than its competitors. However, as any capital city homeowner who has carpet in his or her home will tell you, Washington DC carpet cleaning is an essential part of keeping your flooring (as well as your home) looking its best. Though just about every homeowner nationwide can benefit from an annual carpet cleaning, Washington DC is the kind of city where annual climate conditions and precipitation can make this task even more important.

Benefits of Professional Washington DC Carpet Cleaners
No matter where you live, carpet will eventually see its fair share of dirt and spills. In Washington DC, carpet cleaning is made even more difficult due to the effect of tracked in dirt and slush during the winter months. When trying to maintain good-looking carpet in a place like Washington DC, carpet cleaning services are a useful tool. Sweeping and vacuuming carpet is a task that is easy for homeowners to keep up with, but when it comes to truly ridding your carpet of tracked in debris and keeping it looking its best, there is no substitute for professional carpet cleaning.

Washington DC homeowners who opt for this service regularly will find that their carpets not only look and smell better, but they last longer, too. Vacuuming is fine for removing surface debris, and some models might even do a good job sucking up spills. The fact is, however, that vacuuming often leaves behind the set in dirt that is most likely to damage the carpet fibers themselves. Your local Washington DC carpet cleaners are far better equipped to remove this set in dirt. The process of deep cleaning can breathe new life into old carpet, and keep recently installed carpet looking new for longer. Another reason to go with the pros: many Washington DC carpet cleaning services can also provide small repairs or even re-stretching during their visit.

Washington DC Carpet Cleaning: Professional vs. DIY
It is, of course, possible to do your own deep carpet cleaning. Washington DC homeowners who are interested in this option should be able to rent professional equipment from home improvement centers, carpet cleaning companies, or even from the local grocery store; however, having the same tools as the professionals doesn't always lead to professional results. DIY carpet cleaners should also compare the price of renting equipment and purchasing the proper solutions (not to mention the hassle of lugging it all over town) to the hassle-free, relatively low cost most Washington DC carpet cleaners charge.

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Washington DC Carpet Cleaning Prices
Just how reasonable is the price of hiring carpet cleaners in Washington DC? HomeAdvisor keeps records of every job we process nationwide, including DC carpet cleaning. According to our figures, hiring a carpet cleaning service in Washington DC is just shy of dirt cheap. Our numbers indicate that, nationally, $200 is about the average for carpet cleaning. Washington DC jobs can sometimes be in the $400 to $500 range (we even saw one job in Burke that cost $800!), but our figures show a huge amount of jobs coming in at $200 or less. When consider how professional carpet cleaning can lengthen the life of your carpet and take into account the fact that hiring a pro saves you a lot of time and headaches, a hundred bucks or two once a year can easily be viewed as a bargain!

Choosing a Washington DC Carpet Cleaning Company
Just like any project in the home improvement industry, it pays to do your homework when hiring a service for carpet cleaning. Washington DC homeowners should be aware that carpet cleaning companies don't always charge by the room or by the hour. In some cases, you can find carpet cleaners who will have a flat rate for a specific number of square feet, or even a flat rate for a specific number of rooms; every household is different, and finding the best service at the lowest price is often a matter of figuring out which company's pay rate best fits your home.

Of course, you could pick up the phone book and simply call all of the companies who specialize in carpet cleaning. Washington DC is a big place, however, and this technique could take you all day! This is where HomeAdvisor can help. Not only will a request for carpet cleaning result in several possible matches in your area, you can rest assured that each prospective company meets certain standards of service that the phone book simply doesn't require for a listing. Not only must each of our Washington DC carpet cleaners pass through a ten-step screening process to make sure they are on the up-and-up, you can also look through feedback left by homeowners who have used these companies in the past. This gives you not only a better chance of finding a good match, but gives each of our contractors an extra incentive to do a good job every time!

Jon Nunan is a freelance writer who draws on his experience in construction, ranging from landscaping to log home building, for his articles on home improvement.