Rid Your Home of Lingering Fireplace Smell

by HomeAdvisor

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Q: Why does my house smell for several days after using the fireplace? The damper is always open, and the wood seems well seasoned and dry.

A: Heat and smoke are two different elements of a fire. Heat carries smoke up the chimney. A small start-up fire often produces smoke but not enough heat to draft up the chimney. Therefore, the smoke drifts into the room where the smell lingers until the fire gets larger and hotter.

This is also true of a fire that is burning out at the end of the evening.

Glass doors on your fireplace help during these phases of the fire. Close them partially when you are starting the fire and close them completely before you go to bed.

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Clean Chimney

One other possibility is that the fireplace box might be too large for the flue to vent all the smoke properly. Also the flue might need cleaning due to a possible obstruction.

Remember, don't burn anything but good dry hardwood. And, never burn trash.

Bert Roberts, General Contractor, Roseville, CA