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by Jon Nunan

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For homes in Sacramento, bathroom tile is a perfect addition for just about any bathroom remodel you can think of. In an area that's as full of moisture as a bathroom, tile is a time-tested performer that can hold up for decades, and look good doing it, too. Though there are certainly other materials that have gained popularity in showers and other bathroom spaces, few can compete with the benefits offered by tile.

Sacramento Bathroom Tile Installation
Whether you hire a professional crew to do the job or you plan on doing it yourself, installing bathroom tile in Sacramento is a sure fire way to enhance walls, shower stalls, and even flooring or countertops. Tile is one of the oldest and most durable choices for areas that need to be both easy to clean and very moisture resistant, but no matter what kind of tile you opt for, poor installation can quickly lead to disaster. Confident, experienced so-it-yourselfers will find that this is a perfect (though often messy and a little tedious) project where you can really save some money on labor. For many of us, however, the relative inexpensiveness of most tile installation and the problems that can occur if done improperly are two big selling points of professional installation. In both DIY and professional tile installation, it is a good idea to purchase more tile than you need so you can have perfectly matching tiles on hand if damage occurs in the future.

Sacramento Bathroom Tile Options
One of the nicest things about tile is that it is available in such a wide variety of colors, styles, sizes, shapes, and textures. While newer bathroom building materials might come in different colors, the amount of diversity found in bathroom tile is simply unmatched by other options. For those who want a little added flavor for their bathroom, hand-painted tiles or tile set in a mosaic can create an even more unique effect.

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Sacramento Floor Tile
While many people prefer a smooth, glossy finish for tile on walls and counters, when it comes to floor tile, Sacramento homeowners are generally better off with a bit of texture. A textured tile will still be easy to clean and hold up well in moisture-rich situations, but it will also provide some traction when your floor is wet. Sacramento floor tile is often found in bathrooms and kitchens, but some Central Valley homes also use this material in entryways to guard flooring materials deeper in the home from tracked in dirt and debris. For some homes in Sacramento, floor tile is even employed in living areas, or even outdoors!

Prices of Bathroom Tile in Sacramento
Due to the wide variety available in bathroom tile, Sacramento homeowners should expect a broad range of prices for installation. Here at HomeAdvisor, we keep track of every project we process nationwide, including Sacramento bathroom tile installation. While we've seen tile installations cost as little as $450 in the Sacramento Valley, we've also seen some jobs run as high as $5,000. The difference in price is, of course, related to the cost of the tile you purchase (while porcelain tile can often be found at a bargain, tile made of natural stone like granite or marble can be much more expensive); however, much of the price of tile installation comes from labor. In DIY jobs, labor costs are obviously nothing, but since most homeowners opt for professional installation, it is always recommended that you get a few different quotes before you settle on a contractor.

Jon Nunan is a freelance writer who draws on his experience in construction, ranging from landscaping to log home building, for his articles on home improvement.