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by Marcus Pickett

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As a Seattle homeowner, new or remodeled bathroom cabinets are a project that you can consider, plan, and complete in just a week or two. By contrast, full bathroom remodels or kitchen remodels typically take several months (four to six weeks just for the labor itself) and may take years to pay off if you need to finance them. This doesn't necessarily mean that bathroom cabinet remodeling in Seattle, or anywhere else, is a no-brainer, one-size-fits-all project, but as small, yet meaningful, home improvement projects go, you've hit one of the best out there.

Seattle Bathroom Cabinets and Cabinet Remodeling
Though the choices are plentiful, you can usually begin eliminating many of the options from simple need, circumstance, and budget. If you've got older, solid wood cabinets that have served you well over the years, but have become worn or dinged up, cabinet refinishing or re-facing is almost surely the way to go. For cabinets that are falling apart or need to be redesigned to meet your bathroom storage needs, you'll need to choose between stock (pre-manufactured) cabinets or custom built cabinets. Even here, you can usually decide what best suits your needs without too much hassle. If you've got a fairly common bathroom space and need an equally common square or rectangular cabinet, stock cabinetry should do you just fine. You may have a less common bathroom space and even more unusual bathroom storage needs, or simply want to do something different with the appearance of your bathroom cabinets, and will need to seek out a custom cabinet maker. Talking to any number of local Seattle bathroom cabinet contractors can help you quickly determine the direction your project will take.

Bathroom Cabinets in Seattle, WA
How your bathroom cabinets are configured will undoubtedly be determined just as much by which bathroom and what design the bathroom has as the technical aspects of cabinetry building. In a master bathroom, for example, you may want custom cabinetry that holds or makes room for a coffeemaker or even an espresso machine. You may want a stereo system to pump in the music and sounds of your choice while relaxing in your tub. In other bathrooms, you may want to simply fill out your bathroom with additional cabinets to decorate with knick-knacks or alleviate storage issues in another area of your home. In more guest-oriented bathrooms, for example, built-in cabinets will allow you to stock auxiliary items and maximize your bathroom space for better bathroom decorating. These ideas are only some of the more common uses for bathrooms and bathroom cabinetry, while the point is that home spaces are as much about homeowners and their peculiarities as it is about cabinet hinges, wood finishes, and faceless frames.

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Cost of New and Remodeled Bathroom Cabinets in Seattle, WA
With cabinetry, more than other home improvement projects, you truly get what you pay for. There are several ways to cut costs (choosing laminate instead of an exotic hardwood comes to mind) and still achieve similar effects and quality throughout your home. With cabinetry, however, you'll be able to see the difference in looks between custom-built cabinet, cheap stock cabinetry, and refinished cabinets, but you'll also be able to see the difference in price. For a single, refinished or stock cabinet, your project can cost as little as a few hundred dollars; for a complete bathroom cabinetry designed and installed by a custom cabinet maker in Seattle, your project will run several thousand dollars. Choosing solid wood or simple wood veneer cabinets will also have a profound impact on the final cost of your Seattle bathroom cabinet remodel.

Marcus Pickett is a professional freelance writer for the home remodeling industry. He has published more than 600 articles on both regional and national topics within the home improvement industry.
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