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As proud as homeowners are of their lawns, few relish the time and energy it takes to maintain them. There's no reason, however, to feel ashamed of the desire to farm this piece of home maintenance out to the professionals. The most labor intensive time for lawn care is naturally during the summer, and, as a Seattleite, you don't need to be told what the most beautiful time of year is in the Emerald City. In Seattle, lawn care is a worthwhile investment, if for no other reason than the extra hours of the immaculate summer it returns to your leisure.

When considering lawn service, Seattle homeowners should be aware that not all companies are created equal. Here are a few basics you should consider when choosing a lawn care company, and a few reasons why this decision can really pay off if you pick the right one!

The Benefits of Professional Seattle Lawn Care
Lawn service is generally thought to be about alleviating a homeowner's need to spend numerous hours mowing their lawn, but it is often about much more than this. One-time lawn service, for example, often takes place in the spring and includes removing debris, old clippings, edging, and weeding. More than mowing, creating or maintaining a healthy lawn can entail regularly scheduled fertilizer, aeration, and broadcasting new grass seed that requires daily watering to grow; Seattle lawn care companies are experts at knowing which services your property requires.

Regular maintenance and springtime preparation are not the only facets of lawn service. Seattle is a particularly moisture-rich area, making it a perfect environment for lawn disease and fungus. The natural grasses that flourish in Seattle have a greater resistance to these conditions, and the hilly terrain helps the yard drainage of many Seattle homes, but no lawn is immune, keeping a watchful eye and knowing what to do when an issue pops up are two things Seattle lawn care companies do well. If you already use a lawn care service, chances are you will never see any of these issues become severe; however, homeowners who neglect their lawns or don't know the early warning signs of these problems may end up paying big bucks to a Seattle lawn service company to provide extensive, intensive care!

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Seattle Lawn Care Companies: Costs and Packages
ServiceMagic compiles data on all the home improvement projects we process, including Seattle lawn service. This data contains, among other things, the cost of the project. Most lawn care companies offer packages that provide various levels of lawn service. Seattle homeowners who only need a touch-up once every two weeks can end up paying much less than those who want hedges trimmed, lawn aeration, fertilization, and all the other trimmings that come with deluxe packages. Unfortunately, because there are such a wide variety of packages available, our average, computed cost ($285) will mean very little to you.

Specific feedback from local homeowners provides a much better measure of how much your Seattle lawn care might cost. This is what one Seattle homeowner reported to us: "Cost was $125 to mow the lawn. The grass was long, so the cost was higher than her normal rate. Cost for lawn mowed every two weeks was $60 per service." It's also very telling that the Seattle homeowner who reported the highest project cost ($900, likely for annual service) said that the contractor is "so worth the money."

If this sounds like a lot of money to maintain your lawn, keep in mind that, aside from the extra leisure time and little extras that come with hiring a professional, if you let your lawn go unattended for too long, it can easily cost more than $2,000 to re-sod your property with a new grass.

Marcus Pickett is a professional freelance writer for the home remodeling industry. He has published more than 600 articles on both regional and national topics within the home improvement industry.
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