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by Marcus Pickett

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Trees and shrubs are among the more underrated assets to your home. A well-placed tree increase the value of your home (especially the closer you live to the concrete jungle), but unlike almost any other installation in your home, trees can't simply be replaced in a matter of days. Protecting the health and beauty of your tree is critical to maintaining the health and beauty of your home, its curb appeal, and its value. Whether you live in one of the five boroughs or in the greater New York area, we can help you find the right contractor to help with all of your tree and shrub service needs.

The Trials of Tree Removal
Tree removal is first and foremost a matter of local government, and many calls to New York tree services are a matter of legality. In many cases, you can't cut a tree down without getting a permit; if your tree has suffered damage or is ailing from any number of diseases, you may be forced to remove the tree from your property. Whether by choice or mandate, under no circumstances should you attempt to remove the tree yourself. Tree felling is an inexact science even for the professionals, and despite extensive preparation and measures, there is often no way to predict with 100 percent accuracy how a tree will fall. Chainsaws or chains tied to pickup trucks are, in the hands of an amateur, asking for a trip to the hospital or inflicting structural damage on your home. In fact, while any home improvement contractor should have liability insurance, a tree removal company without liability insurance is the very definition of negligence.

New York Tree Service: The Full Package
That said, any number of New York tree service companies have their liability insurance, licensing, and additional professional credentials. Along with these basics, you should look for a company with a reputation for comprehensive services and customer satisfaction. You should know, for example, that the company will either haul away tree limbs and debris or put the tree into a chipper to provide you with free mulch for your lawn and garden. You should also discuss with your tree service company whether they will grind down the stump and how much extra this step will cost.

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Other New York Tree Service Staples
Of course, tree removal isn't the only service you might need. For many homeowners in New York, tree service is likely to focus on trimming large overhanging branches that may fall on power lines, your car, or your house if weighed down with winter snow and ice. Unlike most homeowners, New York tree service professionals are quite adept at telling which, if any, branches will pose a problem, so it may be a good idea to call a pro to perform a tree inspection before it's too late.

Your local New York tree services are also able to meet a property's aesthetic needs. Maybe you need a professional to trim back your tree to keep the tree healthy and enhance the look of your landscaping. Especially if you haven't had your tree trimmed in a while, a new "haircut" for your tree can put you on the path to that homeowner holy grail: curb appeal. Tree services can also help in aiding a diseased tree back to good health or discouraging pests from attacking your trees.

New York Shrub Service
Bigger than a flower, smaller than a tree, shrubs need diligent care and maintenance, without the near daily attention of gardens and delicate plant life. You should keep a close eye on overgrown shrubs. Perhaps the most important piece of shrub service is planning. In New York, shrub service is more specialized than you might imagine; often these companies will have to deal not just with trees and shrubs that naturally thrive in the area, but others that can (but not necessarily successfully) be transplanted from other areas. The best companies can handle each situation. Not only will a good tree service company be able to handle monthly or annual tree and shrub care, they will also be able to give you advice on how to keep your property's flora in better shape on your own.

Marcus Pickett is a professional freelance writer for the home remodeling industry. He has published more than 600 articles on both regional and national topics within the home improvement industry.