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by Jon Nunan

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In St. Louis, house painters are more likely to be household members than professional painters, but there are legitimate reasons to consider hiring a pro. Convenience is one commonly cited reason. Professional quality is another. Some homeowners with limited mobility may have trouble painting their own homes. Back pain and reaching down to cover the bottom third your walls make for a nasty combination. From Belleville to St. Charles, O'Fallon to Fenton, and throughout the greater St. Louis area, we can help you find the best person for the job.

St. Louis Home Painters: Interior House Painting
Interior house painting, in particular, is known as a DIY project. Most homeowners can cover their walls with a passable paint job, but professional painters can also widen the playing field when it comes to painting and interior decorating. Faux finishes and murals are just some of the specialty techniques these professionals have to offer. If nothing else, you can get seamlessly painted walls without the hassle of negotiating edges and corners.

St. Louis Home Painters: Exterior House Painting
Exterior house painting tends to be a more intensive project than interior painting. Paint roller extenders and ladders are often used. The choice of paint you use will become more important and more technical. You've got a lot more to consider than just satin v. semi-gloss. The best choice will hinge on your budget, how long you want the job to last, and the type of siding you'll be painting on. Some paints may also need to be applied during cooler times of the year. Of course, your biggest obstacle may not be the temperature but finding two consecutive days without rain.

The Cost of Hiring a St. Louis House Painter
Unless you've hired a professional painter, the best advice for some homeowners might be to brace yourself. Initial estimates can send some homeowners running. Keep in mind, though, that many estimates are comprehensive, including the cost of the paint, supplies, and moving furniture around. In fact, if one estimate sounds remarkably lower than the others, there is a good chance that something is missing, and it may be something you need for the job to be done right. The data collected by Service suggests the average cost of interior house painting is about $2,100, while the average cost for exterior house painting is about $2,900. Of course, these figures may not reflect the cost of your project, depending on its size and the particulars of your painting choices. We've seen projects as high as $7,000 and as low as $1,000. For single rooms and smaller projects, we've seen the price tag dip to $300.

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Finding a St. Louis House Painter
This is what one homeowner told us about looking for house painters in St, Louis: "Beware of low bids from someone without a physical address on his business card, who tries to sell you on value! You're better off paying more money for a more professional company that has a known track record and high customer service rating. Also, ask to see some of their previous paint jobs." Indeed, you should probably reject out-of-hand someone who doesn't at least have a physical address and may be moving from city to city.

House painting is particularly susceptible to less reliable contractors who know they can secure projects from homeowners who have suffered that initial sticker shock from the painters who will do the job right. To this end, ServiceMagic puts each and every contractor in our system through a rigorous ten-step screening process, but we also provide homeowners with a quality-controlled database of customer ratings and reviews. This will allow you to see responses from other homeowners about their experience with individual contractors, allowing you to get the best deal from someone who won't ignore your satisfaction with the paint job.

Jon Nunan is a freelance writer who draws on his experience in construction, ranging from landscaping to log home building, for his articles on home improvement.