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Complaints About Professionals

Do you have feedback about a professional? If you have a complaint that you would like to share with us, we want to listen and we promise to do our best to provide a solution. You can email your complaint to us at onlinereputation@homeadvisor.com, or by contacting us in other ways. Please provide as much detail about your complaint as possible.

FAQ about Complaints

Will cancel a service professional's member status upon receiving a customer complaint?
Your feedback is vital to the quality of service our member professionals provide. As with any credible grievance process, we first evaluate both sides of the story before making a final decision. Often, an unpleasant experience is the result of a simple misunderstanding between the two parties. However, if there is a negative trend against the service professional, we reserve the right to remove a service professional from our network.

Does have a resolution process for complaints?
Yes, we take all complaints seriously and do our best to listen to all sides of the issue at hand.

Read more Frequently Asked Questions here. Have a question you can't find an answer to? Send us an email at customerservice@homeadvisor.com.