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How Much Does it Cost to Install Steel Beams?

Install Steel Beams Costs
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Beams need to be sized and normally installed by professionals. A structural engineer should size your beam and ensure that the placement is correct - especially because most often it is used for load-bearing of some sort. Here are some things to think about that might affect the cost of your steel beam installation.

Location of beam

Depending on the location of the beam, this could increase your costs dramatically. If you are trying to install a beam in the basement of your home with 3 stories above it, there are many components that will need to occur in harmony with the beam installation. Your professional will need to consider how you are going to raise the beam into place and keep everything structurally sound as he does so. If the beam is in the basement of an existing home, for example, a crane couldn't be used so some creative solutions will need to be exercised.
Additionally, you will probably need to connect the beam to existing wood floor joists. I-Beams are only good at supporting weight in one direction. The web, or main vertical section of the beam is what provides the strength for this.

Size of the beam

If your beam is 1,000 pounds, it's a much more different process than installing one half that weight and size. The size of the beam will also dictate how much additional equipment is needed to lift it into place as well as how many contractors you will need on-site to install it.


You will need to hire a structural engineer to size your beam or beams and ensure that you are doing the most practically and economical shore during construction. They will also do additional calculations to ensure that your project, size of beam, and placement of beam is sound.


Of course, you will need an experienced contractor to install the beam or beams. Depending upon the size and location of the beam, you may need to hire more than one contractor in order to get the job done correctly and safely.


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