How Much Does it Cost to Remodel a Basement?

Remodel a Basement Costs
Average reported costs
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Most homeowners
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$10,595 - $26,947
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Remodeling your basement is a big job potentially involving many different parts: moving or building walls, installing floors and window coverings, and furnishing.
Accounting for variables such as square footage, materials, electrical and plumbing, the average basement remodel ranges from $10,000-$27,000. Some cost as little as $5,000, with top of the line remodels costing over $40,000.

Square footage

The square footage of your basement is a large factor. Some homeowners only remodel part of their basements to curb total remodeling costs. Any project with a large square footage will have higher estimates as it means more materials and longer construction time.


For a basement remodel, you'll have to consider walls, ceilings, flooring, lighting, and insulation. If you're adding a bathroom, then you'll deal with installing countertops, cabinets, a toilet and even a shower or bathtub. All of these options mean various price ranges, depending on the types of materials selected. It's important to figure out your budget and then choose the most important aspects to focus on for the remodel.


Your basement will likely need to be fitted with additional wires to support more lights and electronics. You will need to hire a licensed electrician if you plan to install additional overhead light fixtures, outlets and other components that require additional wiring.


If you're adding a bathroom, then you'll need to hire a licensed plumber to install the necessary elements. The more you decide to install in your bathroom, the higher the whole basement cost estimate will be. Adding a shower or bathtub might be necessary if you plan to use the basement as a guest suite. Otherwise a half bath may be perfect if the basement is used as a living or family room space.

Resale Value

Adding a bedroom or another living space to your home might cost you a lot by the end, but you will see a return on your investment when you go to resell your home. Having another room adds value to the house, which means someone will pay more for your home when it comes time to put it on the market.


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John Snyder 26 days ago
Does these estimates include fixtures like cabinets and bathroom toilet, shore and vanity
Terrance Olive 3 months ago
Information provided is very informative.
Mary Neal 6 months ago
Yes, gave the info I needed. Thank You
Venius Johnson 7 months ago
Thank you it has help me make my mind up on how much it'll be.