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How Much Does it Cost to Install Window Tinting?

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Tinted windows are a great way to increase your privacy and lessen the amount of glare and heat from the sun. You can tint the windows of both your home and your car. Tinted windows can also reduce the level of ultraviolet rays which are known to be damaging to the skin. Tinting your windows can offer a variety of benefits; privacy, coolness, and shade are just a few. You can enjoy the benefits of tinted windows for a reasonable cost.

Size and type of window

The actual cost of window tinting is determined by what type of film is used, how large your windows are, and what type of windows you have. Flat windows like house double hung windows and casement windows are the cheapest windows to tint. The front and rear windshields of cars and trucks are the most expensive due to the size and curvature.

State Laws about window tinting

Most states have laws against certain types of tinted windows and which windows can be tinted in a vehicle. This is due to both safety concerns in terms of how well a driver can see, but also in terms of how concealed a driver can be. Most states do not allow front windshields to be tinted. Other states have laws on how dark a tint can be. Check with your local police department to find local codes on tinted windows for vehicles.

Window Preparation

Before tinting, windows must be thoroughly cleaned and dried. There needs to be some static involved for proper adhesion. Window tinting should be covered by a warranty against bubbling or peeling for at least one year. Some companies offer lifetime warranties, so check with the installer before having your windows tinted to see what types of warranties re offered. Paying more for window tinting that comes with a lifetime warranty might be well worth the extra costs in the long run.


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