How Much Does it Cost to Install Window Treatments?

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There is no better way to spruce up a room than to install new window treatments. Window treatments can help make a room lighter, darker, cozy, more traditional, or more modern. The cost of new widow treatment will vary depending on what type of treatment you choose to install. Here are a few types to think about.

Blinds and Shades

You can purchase basic blinds and shades for an affordable price. Low-cost blinds and shades will not last a very long time and simply serve as the most basic way to shade you from the sun. Basic mini blinds are low-cost and easy to install yourself, but the mechanism can break or get tangled. You can invest in blinds of high-quality materials like PVC or wood which will last longer.
Insulated blinds or shades are more expensive than standard blinds or shades but effective in keeping your home warmer or cooler during seasons.

Curtains and Drapes

Curtains and drapes can be used alone or in conjunction with some blinds or shades. The cost of curtains and drapes will vary based on the material. You can get curtains and drapes in practically any kind of fabric from cotton to silk. More expensive and heavier fabrics will affect the cost of the drapes. Fabrics that are more difficult to sew, such as silks and satins, will also cost more.
Most curtains and drapes are made to order, while very simple panel drapes can be bought in standard sizes off the shelf.

Size and number of windows

The windows you have and the size of each will affect the overall cost of your window treatments. For this reason you can make certain aesthetic choices. For example, in a room with many windows you might choose to put the same simple shade on every window, but more elaborate curtain on only the largest windows or center windows. You might also choose to get simple blinds now and embellish with more elaborate curtains over them later on.


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