How Much Does it Cost to Repair Windows?

Repair Windows Costs
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Window repair is typically a job you don't have much of a choice in deciding to do. If one of your windows needs repair, then it's time to call a pro to ensure the job is done correctly and that further damage isn't incurred.

Number of windows

There are some repairs needed due to age and not any particular incident. If your windows have started to fog, for instance, then the seal has probably begun to fail and will need to be fixed on all of your windows. This would bring the cost to repair windows up. However, if you have broken glass in just one window, then the cost to repair would be much less.

Type of window

Whether you have wood, vinyl or aluminum window frames, your project will vary based on that. If you need to replace the glass of your window, for example, it would be more difficult to do with a wood frame. This type of repair brings the average price for window repair up a little bit. For vinyl windows, glass repair is a pretty easy fix.


Sashes and stops are a common window repair, as they wear with age. The replacement costs for sashes are considerably lower than replacing the entire window. For wood windows, sash repair typically consists of adding weather-stripping or full sash replacement due to wood rot or wear. The more you have to replace, the higher the average price for window repair will go. For vinyl or aluminum windows, you can expect to have to repair small holes or rips by having a pro remove the sash and apply a silicone sealant. Caulking any cracks is a common way to fix vinyl frames and should keep the average price for window repair low.


If you have wood windows and glazed glass, then any cracked or missing putty would need to be replaced. This is a more minor window repair and something a pro should be able to fix easily for a low price. If you need a full glass replacement, then it will be a more intensive project and will bring the average price for window repair up. This isn't typically a job that needs to replicated on all windows, so a one-off glass replacement isn't something that should break the bank.


If you have faulty hardware, something that's sticking or hard to use, then it's time to consider hardware replacement. This is an easy fix and should keep window repair costs low. The cost for this type of repair will mostly depend on what hardware you choose for your replacement. There are a range of options ranging from standard models to more unique or designed looks.


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