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How Much Does it Cost to Install a Lighting Fixture?

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If you're thinking about installing a new light fixture, there are a few simple things to consider when estimating the cost. Electrical projects are dangerous for homeowners to attempt, so the first major expense will be hiring a licensed electrician. This is really important because there are local codes your electrical work will have to uphold and you want to make sure you hire someone who is versed in these codes, as well as someone who is licensed. Once you find the right pro, then the cost of lighting installation is easier to predict.

Type of Lighting

The kind of lighting you choose will be a huge factor in the cost of lighting installation. Simple lighting can be pretty affordable, but more expensive fixtures will bring up the cost of installation - as will antique chandeliers or fixtures. Before you purchase a fixture, check with your electrician to make sure it is rated for the power that you have and that it will fit in the space you have allotted for a fixture.

Existing Wiring

The state of your wiring will be an enormous factor in the cost of lighting installation. If there is pre-existing wiring that can be used for your new fixture, the cost of the project will be much lower. However, if you have no wiring, like in a new addition or remodel, or if the wiring is outdated and need to be replaced, then this lighting installation becomes a much bigger job. This is especially true if the wiring will need to be done through an existing wall or if something needs to be removed to fix the wiring.

Recessed Lighting

Recessed lighting is popular and usually ends up somewhere in a home. The cost of recessed lighting installation depends on a few different factors. The basic fixtures are pretty inexpensive. The main issue is the state of your current ceiling. If your ceiling can be accessed from above, it will keep the cost of recessed lighting installation down. Remodel cans allow pros to install without tearing down the ceiling, but this comes at a higher price.

Age of Your Home

In general, the cost of lighting installation is lower in newer buildings than in older ones. This is usually due to the access for the wiring and the fact that less will probably need to be replaced. If all the wiring in your home is already up to code, then a light installation can be as easy as switching out one fixture for another.
The cost of recessed lighting installation and the cost of lighting installation for other types of fixtures are all pretty comparable. The price of the fixture is one important factor, but ultimately the cost will depend on the current state of the wiring in your home and how easy it will be for an electrician to access it. Beyond that, keeping everything up to code is of utmost importance and something else that may need to be factored into your lighting project.


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Kathryn Crouch 5 months ago
My cost was $625 to install a ceiling fan with light in a room that did not have a ceiling light, replace 2 other ceiling fans, install and entry mini-chandelier, and repair an outdoor outlet and repair an electrical outlet in the garage that was not installed properly prior to my buying the home. This required just over 3 hours work.
Anne Price 6 months ago
My cost to have installed three fixtures (chandelier, fan with light, and kitchen 4-tube) was $950. This required four hours of work as well as skill in reconfiguring the kitchen fixture for updated tubes.
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