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How Much Does it Cost to Install Electrical Wiring or Panel?

Install Electrical Wiring or Panel Costs
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$583 - $2,039
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Installing electrical wiring and panels is one of the more dangerous home projects, and something that should definitely be handled by a licensed professional. Even pros risk injury working on electrical outlets, so it's best to leave this one to them.

Local Codes

Electrical projects have to abide by local codes and laws. Usually they also have to have permits and be inspected by local authorities. These rules shouldn't be looked at as road blocks, since they will help to ensure that your home is up to code and safe. Taking the time now will save money and headaches in the future. This does factor into average electrical installation costs, so make sure to factor that extra inspection and time taken out of the project into your costs.

Installation Materials

The physical materials required for your project will factor into the electrical installation prices. There are usually a range of options you can pick from, and as usual there are lower-priced options and more expensive options. With the materials also comes delivery and storage of these materials.

Preparation for Installation

With electrical projects, there needs to be prep work to get the work site ready for electrical work. This includes protecting existing finishes, materials and components that might already be there. Since it ultimately will help save money to use what's already there as much as possible, it's worth the preparation time and costs.

Site Cleanup

When the project is completed, there will be a site cleanup and debris removal. This is common on most projects but is something that adds to the average electrical installation costs.

Collateral Damage

When working with electrical wiring, pros may have to cut into surfaces to get to the wires and areas they need. If this becomes necessary, there will be costs associated with restoring finishes or replacing anything that may have had to be cut away.


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Bonnie Fuller 11 months ago
It does not include rewiring a home.
Vance Jensen 11 days ago
Like Bonnie says "It does not include rewiring a home."
Le Anavaotaua T Meleisea 4 months ago
need more units prices at whole
Norris Williams 10 months ago
Looking for estimates of rewiring a home.