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How Much Does it Cost to Install Childproofing Devices?

Install Childproofing Devices Costs
Average reported costs
based on 196 cost profiles
Most homeowners
spent between
$216 - $686
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Preparing your home for children is a task that shouldn't be taken lightly. From sharp corners to electrical outlets, there's a lot to remember. It can be tough to determine how much it will cost to childproof your home considering there are so many different components.

Safety Latches and Locks

Safety latches and locks for your cabinets and drawers in your kitchen and bathroom can help to prevent poisoning or injury. You'll want to make sure you pick latches or locks that are sturdy enough to withstand prying hands, but that are easy to install and use. This is one of the less expensive products and should keep the average price for child proofing products in your home low.

Safety Gates

Using safety gates can help to keep children out of areas that could cause injury. This also helps to prevent falling down the stairs. Safety gates are a moderately priced tool and should stay within the average price for childproofing products.

Corner Bumpers

These are simple and moderately priced attachments to corners and edges that can reduce injury from sharp edges on furniture or fireplaces. Make sure to pick bumpers that fit securely on the surface to which its attached.

Anti-Scald Devices

Anti scald devices attach to faucets to help prevent burns from hot water. A plumber typically needs to install these, which brings up the average prices for childproofing products, but is a valuable addition to your childproofing arsenal.

Outlet Covers

Using outlet covers and plates can prevent electrocution from children sticking their fingers into electrical outlets. These covers are one of the most affordable childproofing devices you can buy and so should not be overlooked.

Door Stops and Holders

. Door stops can prevent little fingers or toes from getting pinched when a door shuts. These are another affordable childproofing tool.


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Joan Madrugada More than 1 year ago
This is the cost of the installation (labor) only, correct? Does not include materials? Thanks
HASupport More than 1 year ago
Hi Joan, The cost does reflect the labor. -HASupport

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