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How Much Does it Cost to Trim or Remove Trees & Shrubs?

Trim or Remove Trees & Shrubs Costs
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Trimming your trees and shrubs is very important to help your plants grow better and stay healthier in the long run. In addition, if there are trees and shrubs that have been diseased in any way, removing or trimming away the dead portions can stop the spread of disease to other areas and save the life of the tree or shrub. Trimming is usually quoted per tree or shrub since every plant can present a different situation, problem or issue.

Type of Tree or Shrub

Different species of either can cost various amounts to fix or uproot since their roots might be harder to pull up, more foliage to prune, or have hard to access branch patterns for cutting. A professional should be able to give you a quote based on what they observe.

Tree Height

Some exceptionally tall trees might require specialized equipment to reach their branches. Also trees that may have grown in odd ways could be more difficult to access and therefore more expensive to trim.

Power Lines

Trees that have grown around power lines may be dangerous to trim. Some tree trimming companies will charge considerably more to do this, since they cannot just let the branches fall to the ground around a power line. Each branch must be roped and lowered gently to the ground. This takes a lot more time and will cost a lot more.

Felled Wood

The larger the tree trimming job the more felled wood it produces. For smaller jobs, ask the tree trimming company to include hauling the wood away as part of their job. For larger tree trimming projects you may want to keep the felled wood for firewood. In this case you will need to add the cost of cutting and splitting the wood to your total costs if you don't decide to cut the wood yourself.

Stump Grinding or Removal

Talk to your tree trimmer about the cost of grinding or removing the stump of a dead tree in your yard. Grinding a stump down to the ground is a straightforward job that can usually be quoted easily at an hourly rate. However if you need the stump to be removed completely, you may be looking at a much higher cost. You don't always know how large or complex a tree's root system might be until you start to excavate a stump. It may take considerably more time than you bargained for. Unless you absolutely need a stump removed you might consider grinding it down and leaving it.


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kendall pruett 18 days ago
I found out if you have the chainsaws you can usually rent a bucket truck and do the job yourself. Saved over a thousand, sweet!
Samuel Tan 18 days ago
Trimming twelve very overgrown trees very thoroughly and cuttings removed cleanly all in 5 hours by a team of 5 workers. Total cost was just under $1,000.
Virgil Parkhill 28 days ago
$900.00 total: consisted of removal of 14-16 inch diameter bradford pear about 30 ft tall, Trim new growth on a live oak and two Yopaun holly trees and side trim three cryptmyrtle(SP) trees. Seemed a bit much for me, but I don't know the cost of doing this job. It didn't take more than and 1 1/2 hrs to do the job with three men doing the work. The city hauled off the debris.
dawn lawalin 4 months ago
Had one company come out, looked at the tree, stated his lowest price was $300. I found that to be a tad high BUT, understandable. I shall most likely end up hiring him later in the spring b/c I really need this poor dead tree down before it falls on other things.
Belle Yankanwich 8 months ago
One tree in the development was trimmed for $150. Another was trimmed for $300. Another gave an estimate of $600. I had a tree removed in back for $600.
Vivienne Gallant More than 1 year ago
Cannot afford to pay more than $200 for tree limb trim off chimney.
alan lutzi More than 1 year ago
$1600 to $ 2500 estimates for one big 40 foot (live) cottonwood tree , very close to the house. thank you M.D. Tree Surgery Fallon Nv.
Edward voss More than 1 year ago
its about 70 to 78 ft tall
Joseph Reigle 6 months ago
This web site won't give you any quotes, they just give your info out to a bunch of guys that want to "come and look" at the trees.