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How Much Does it Cost to Deliver Concrete?

Deliver Concrete Costs
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When you have a large do-it-yourself concrete job or working on a large concrete project at a job site, you will have the liquid concrete delivered to you in a cement mixer.

Length of the Trip

The company delivering your concrete will most likely have a delivery fee based on a specific radius from their place of business. If you live far away you may incur extra fees. Make sure to verify this with the concrete delivery driver before they leave or with the company at the time you order so that you do not have any surprise charges.

Amount of Concrete

Most delivery charges will be based in part on the amount of concrete that you need. You should be able to get a close estimate or a firm bid on the price for delivery based on the amount of concrete needed.

Special Instructions

Make sure to share specific details about exactly where the concrete needs to be delivered at your home, whether it's at the top of a steep hill or in your backyard, with the concrete delivery company before they leave to make your delivery. You do not want to learn they are charging you more or cannot deliver at all based on the specifics of your location.

Landscape Repair

If you're planning to lay this concrete in your backyard, the concrete truck might be able to avoid rolling their truck onto your lawn to deliver the liquid concrete. Check with them about this detail before you have them deliver the concrete. Otherwise you may have additional fees for repairing your lawn after the delivery.


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