How Much Does it Cost to Install a Shower?

Install a Shower Costs
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$1,126 - $5,109
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On average, shower installation costs $3,100 nationally, with most homeowners spending between $1,126 and $5,109. This data is based on actual project costs as reported by HomeAdvisor members.

Installing a new shower is a huge upgrade to your home, and bathroom upgrades tend to have an even better return on investment that other home projects. But this can be a complicated project, and definitely something you should turn to a professional to do. Once you find a reputable professional who can ensure that everything is done to code, then it can get harder to predict what the price to install a shower will be beyond the labor costs. There are a few common factors that will impact the price to install a shower.

Shower Types

The shower you choose will play a big role in determining the shower installation cost. There is a huge range of showers out there from the standard bare-bones shower enclosure, to a shower-tub combination, to top-of-the-line models in expensive materials. One of the biggest determinants, however, is the choice between a shower versus a shower/tub combination. The combination models will increase shower installation cost because they're more complicated and require more work.

Shower Materials

What your shower is made of also impacts the overall price to install a shower. From fiberglass to tile, there's a wide cost spectrum for showers. Tile showers are generally one of the most expensive options, though they offer attractive looks and more customization. Ceramic tiles are more affordable than stone options, but the price to install a shower with tile also lies in the amount of work it takes to do this versus installing a one-piece shower enclosure.

Installing a Shower Pan

Shower pans go underneath the floor and prevent leaking. Some people opt to use these as the floor of the shower, while others use tiled floors. In some cases, shower pans can be more expensive than tile floors, though people often assume the reverse is true. If a shower pan is needed, then you need to factor that into the price to install a shower.

Adding Shower Doors

Adding doors or walls to your shower will add to the shower installation cost, but can help to complete the experience. There are options here, as well, from the materials you choose to the type. A simple glass door shouldn't set you back too much, but the more complicated you get, the more you can expect the price to install a shower will increase.

Shower Fixtures

The fixtures in your shower are another choice that can impact the shower installation cost. Faucets and shower heads can come in standard models to the extremely high tech varieties. Installing multiple shower heads will also increase the price to install a shower.

Installing a Bath Fan

Usually homeowners choose to install a fan in bathrooms once a shower is installed. This helps with ventilation and helps to prolong the longevity of your wall coverings. In some places this may be required. Bath fan installation shouldn't be too expensive and is something a pro can install pretty quickly, but be sure to factor this in when planning for shower installation costs.Overall, installing a new shower can greatly improve your bathroom and add value to your home. Your day-to-day happiness might also be affected by a new shower with features like steam or multiple shower heads.


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