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How Much Does it Cost to Repair a Toilet?

Repair a Toilet Costs
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A broken toilet is an inconvenience that cannot be ignored. Finding a plumber and estimating costs as soon as possible is paramount.


The most common cause of a malfunctioning toilet is a simple clog. Many times inappropriate items are flushed down the toilet. Often a plumber has opened up a clogged toilet only to find a child's toy blocking the pipes. If you cannot clear it with a household plunger though, the clog may be too far down the sewer line and require a professional to snake out the line. Most plumbers bill their services per hour, but some will have a set price to clear a toilet clog.


The problem could also involve broken or disintegrating pipes farther into your system. These types of problems may require a repair or replacement to your sewer line and can be very costly.


In some cases, your toilet is in fine working order, but it requires reseating. This means the toilet has moved from its original position, and the movement has caused a gap for leaking. The toilet would then need to be removed, reseated and resealed in place. This is not a complicated job, but it will likely take a professional plumber a much shorter time to do it than an inexperienced homeowner, so may be worth the cost for a pro.


If your plumber determines the toilet itself is broken or faulty in some way, then you may need to replace the toilet itself. The labor cost to do this will be the same regardless of the toilet you choose, so the variable cost in this case is how expensive your new toilet is.
Some low-flow toilets, although more expensive upfront, can help save money on your water bills in the future.


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