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How Much Does it Cost to Paint a Metal Roof?

Paint a Metal Roof Costs
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Metal roofs withstand the effects of the elements far longer than a standard shingled roof. However if you want your metal roof to last as long as it should, regular inspection and maintenance is required. One of the most important aspects of metal roof maintenance is painting. Painting your metal roof keeps it sealed and protected against moisture and rust. To help understand the costs of painting your metal roof, here are a number of factors that will affect your costs.

Roof Size and Slope

Most roof painting is priced by the square foot, and so the larger your roof, the more expensive it is to paint. In addition to the size of the roof, most painters will charge more if your roof has a particularly steep grade or slope. The steeper the roof the more difficult it is to paint.

Power Washing

Before painting your roof, it is important to power wash the entire thing to remove and dirt , dust or debris. You do not want to skip this step to save money as your new paint job will not adhere early as well to the metal roof if it isn't clean before the painting begins.

Sealing and Painting

In addition to the labor costs of painting your metal roof is the cost of the paint itself and any primers and sealers that must be applied before the paint. Primers and sealers are very important to make sure your roof is fully protected against heat, cold, moisture and snow.

Roof Warranty

Most professional painting companies will offer a many year warranty on their metal roof painting. Make sure to ask about the warranty when reviewing potential painters. This is a big consideration when comparing costs.


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