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How Much Does it Cost to Install Security Bars?

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One of the most effective means of deterring burglars is to install security bars for windows in your home. Security bars are great for keeping unwanted intruders out, and may also help lower your home insurance premiums a little as your home becomes less at risk for a burglary. It's important that the correct types of bars are installed and that they are done correctly in order for them to be effective. The cost of security bars depends on the following factors

Types of Security Bars

Window bars are usually made of steel or aluminum, though heavier bars made of wrought iron are available. A new type of security bar is available in some places called a transparent bar - they are made of the same material used in riot shields used in law enforcement, visors for helmets, airplane windows, and more. These are newer on the market and may not be available everywhere. These types of bars will be more expensive than your traditional steel or aluminum bars.

Size of Windows

It stands to reason that the larger the window the more expensive the bars. So very large windows or doors will require more of metal grid than a bar system. These will also cost more.


Although most windows will be similar in price to install regardless of size, if your windows are very large, or if you have picture windows or bay windows the installation costs may rise considerably. This is largely due to the need for more than one installer to be able to lift and install the bars. Security door installation is different from a regular door in that it is installed outside the doorjamb to prevent the door from being kicked in.


Basement windows are the most common place for security bars to be installed. Since they are often out of a neighbor's view or hidden by bushes or shrubs, basement windows make an easy point of entry for burglars. Also think of getting security bars on your child's room or nursery in order to prevent accidental falls. There are several kid-friendly child safety bars that can attach to your windows to prevent a small child from leaning over and falling out. However, you should never place security bars on the windows of a small child's room without first establishing a means of entry in case of a fire or when the main door is blocked. Of course, every window in your home is at risk and installing security bars is your homes best defense against intruders and it will give you peace of mind.


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Lexine Howard More than 1 year ago
I need security bars installed on all the windows an doors.
tawny hicks More than 1 year ago
I need security bars installed in the whole house. I need an exact cost amount so to make sure I have enough money

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