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How Much Does it Cost to Repair Brick Work?

Repair Brick Work Costs
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Structures made of brick are among the strongest and sturdiest buildings, but it wears over time. Brick sidewalks, walkways, stairs, and patios are beautiful, but when one brick breaks or the mortar starts coming loose, it can turn into an eyesore and a hazard. When you need some brick work done, take some of these factors into consideration to calculate cost.


The location of the brick work makes a difference. A patio, chimney, sidewalk, facade, or foundation – it's all about where they are. If the repair is difficult to assess or fix, you can count on a bit more being added to your quote. Inside or out and how hard it is to get to will determine your quote.

Cause of damage

If damage was caused by a fallen branch or dropping something heavy on your brick sidewalk, the repair will be a bit more straightforward than if it is caused by water erosion or root growth. You also might have improperly laid brickwork that looks as though it's sinking or sagging in sections. If so, you may need more work done to your landscaping or foundation underneath the bricks. This means bringing in more than just your brick fixer. You might need a professional landscaper to help with water runoff or someone to come and dig out your roots.

Brick replacement

If you replace the broken brick, you might have to do the same with the surrounding bricks. For example, cracked or deteriorated brick and mortar are considered a fire hazard on your chimney. You will likely find cracks in the four corner regions and in the center of the back wall. Remember that fire is much like water and will follow the path of least resistance. So if there are any openings the fire will flow through them. If the bricks are older, it may be difficult to find an exact match, but your contractor will do what they can to make it look nearly the same.

Mortar repair

Depending on the location of the fix and age of the structure, there are different techniques used to fix the mortar. One thing all techniques have in common is matching the color of the mortar currently being used. They will look at other areas of your structure and do repairs as needed and agreed upon by you.


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