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Brad Hunter spearheads HomeAdvisor’s analysis and tracking of housing markets and the home improvement industry using proprietary data from HomeAdvisor.

In his former position, Mr. Hunter was chief economist and director of consulting for Metrostudy where he orchestrated hundreds of area-specific housing market studies over his 18 years at the firm. He also presented original research and insights to the federal agencies that focused on the housing industry during the depths of the housing crisis.

With nearly 30 years of experience in housing market forecasting, Brad Hunter is a Full Member of the Urban Land Institute (ULI) and has authored numerous articles and chapters in books for ULI, including Market Profiles. He is regularly cited in local and national journals, and has recently been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg News and CNBC. His analysis is also featured in a book called “Foreclosure Nation”. He graduated in 1985 from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania with a degree in economics and has been a guest lecturer at Harvard University.

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Impressive Resilience Seen in Single-Family Construction Data

March 16, 2017 New data from the Commerce Department shows that the market for new single-family homes continued to strengthen as apartment-building construction weakened.  Single-family construction rose 6.5% in February from the previous month, while multifamily construction fell 3.7%.  As we had been predicting, multifamily construction has started to soften, following an extremely strong multi-year…


Builder Confidence Back to 2005 (Peak!) Levels

March 15, 2017 Home builders are feeling more confident than they have any time since the (2005) peak of the housing market.  Builder confidence in the market for newly-built single-family homes jumped six points to a level of 71 on the National Association of Home Builders/Wells Fargo Housing Market Index (HMI). This is the highest…


Harvard Report: Takeaways and Further Thoughts

February 28, 2017 I just read the new report called “Improving America’s Housing: Demographic Change and the Remodeling Outlook” The Harvard Joint Center, as always, did a fantastic job summarizing the key trends and issues. Here are some of my takeaways and thoughts. Not One, but Two 900-Pound Gorillas (The Boomer and Millennial Generations) The…


Home Depot’s Strong Results and The Outlook for Home Improvement

February 21, 2017 With more homeowners feeling flush from a sustained rise in their property value, home improvement spending is on the rise, and The Home Depot has once again nailed down its position as the leader in the home improvement retail business, $22.2 billion in sales in the fourth quarter, beating analysts’ predictions averaging…


Quoteables from KBIS

February 1, 2017 Credit: KBIS Record attendance at the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show (KBIS) in January illustrates the growth in this sector of the home improvement industry.  I heard a lot of insightful discussions about the industry at KBIS, which inspired me to jot down some valuable nuggets and merge them with my own…


“Heard in the Halls” at KBIS

     January 20, 2017 Just back from KBIS (the Kitchen and Bath show in Orlando), and I was struck by how overwhelmingly positive and optimistic the mood was. I met three business owners who have businesses that are unable to keep up with all the requests they are getting for their home improvement services…


Leading Indicator Points to 6.7% Growth in 2017

January 19, 2017 (Photo from Joint Center of Housing Studies) One of the indicators I like to watch is the Leading Indicator of Remodeling Activity (LIRA), put out by the Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies.  The latest update is out now, and it incorporates new data from the Census Bureau (the American Housing Survey). …


Home Improvement and the White House

January 3, 2017 The election of a new president can have both positive and negative effects on the economy — and on the home improvement industry in particular. There is a lot of uncertainty about what lies ahead no matter your ideology. Here’s a look at some possible scenarios. On the positive side, tax cuts…


Five Things To Know About Home Office Attitudes and Trends

December 13, 2016 Shift in Home Office Trends Home offices became increasingly popular during the 1990s and 2000s, but as of the last few years, some renovation pros are seeing a decline in the demand for home improvement services related to working from home. More and more people are working from home, so why the…


3rd Quarter: Real Estate Revenue Growth Surpasses Most Other Industries

December 12, 2016 Boom in Real Estate Revenue The economy is growing at a relatively modest pace, but new data from the Census Bureau show that revenue in real estate and rental and leasing is growing faster than the other industries that the agency tracks. Total revenue for the third quarter of 2016, in a…


The 2017 Housing Market Forecast

The 2017 housing outlook is one of diverging trends. HomeAdvisor’s forecast calls for single-family housing to rise at a rate similar to the 2016 rate, but for multifamily construction (apartments and condos) to fall, as the recent apartment boom finally winds down. The single-family home increase is because of job growth and rising household formations,…


When Mortgage Rates Rise, Home Improvement Will Follow

November 29, 2016 By: Brad Hunter, HomeAdvisor’s Chief Economist As mortgage rates increase over the next few years, home improvement activity is likely to increase with them. This may seem counter intuitive, but you can expect two somewhat opposing effects: one highly positive and one slightly negative. Negative Effect The negative effect will stem from…


Single-Family Home Sales: The West is the Best

November 23, 2016 Sales of new single-family houses in October 2016 were at a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 563,000, according to estimates released jointly today by the U.S. Census Bureau and the Department of Housing and Urban Development. This is 1.9% below the revised September rate of 574,000. That said, the number is 17.8%…


How to Think About the New Housing Data

November 17, 2016 The new data on housing starts just came out, showing a 25.5% increase in the month of October (seasonally-adjusted percent increase from September, which was revised upward). Although most of the improvement was due to a 74.5% increase in multifamily construction, single-family starts increased nicely as well (up 10.7%). I hasten to…


Home Depot Sales Beating the Rest of the Economy

November 15, 2016 Retail sales, across all types of stores, have shown significant improvement, but Home Depot continues to run rings around many other types of retail. Home Depot just completed their conference call with industry analysts, and they described their business results for their fiscal third quarter. I jotted down some of the key…


More Evidence on the “Nesting is Investing” Trend

November 11, 2016 Recent comments from home products manufacturers on their quarterly earnings calls supports our thesis that people are finally getting around to taking on long-deferred home improvements.  Homeowners are now more readily upgrading to higher-quality products.  I was reading some research from UBS’ excellent industry analyst Sue Maklari, and she cited some comments from…


Kitchens and Baths with a “Thriving in Place” Spin

Want in on a multi-billion-dollar business opportunity? Specialize in thriving-in-place projects. Roughly 108 million U.S. citizens have surpassed age 50—and the majority of them wish to live comfortably and independently in their homes for as long as possible. The reality is that most of these people will have to modify their existing homes to make…


Aging (“Thriving”) in Place: A $13 Billion Opportunity

November 2, 2016 The Opportunity I have commented on the “billion-dollar” opportunity for home improvement aimed at what we call “Thriving in Place.” Now I have a number to attach to it. The Joint Center for Housing Studies at Harvard University has studied the industry thoroughly and found that the market for this kind of…


The Third-Quarter HomeAdvisor Report: The Taming of the Resale

October 4, 2016 On homeowners’ minds: taming those overgrown plants, bugs, and pesky critters!  In the third quarter of 2016, the nation’s homeowners increased their orders for services related to pest control, lawn care, and landscaping faster than they did for any other categories of home services. New data from HomeAdvisor, which compare the third…


Lifestyle Investments Drive Kitchen and Bath Remodeling

Remodeling is on the rise, and consumers are now tackling larger kitchen and bathroom renovations than in previous years.  Whole-room remodels are the kinds of discretionary (as opposed to immediately-necessary) projects that typically get put off when the economy is soft.  Now that the lingering effects of the recession have mostly faded, homeowners are feeling…


A Case-in-Point: Smart-Home Tech and the Elderly

Earlier this week, I attended the “Remodeling Futures Conference” held at the Harvard Faculty Club, and put on by the Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies.  There was a record turnout, including members of the remodeling industry, academia, industry associations, and government (Census Bureau).   There was a focus on home automation, covering smart-home trends,…


Empty-Nesters, Smart-Home Tech & Their Impact on Home Improvement Trends

June 17, 2016 Baby boomers account for nearly half of all spending on home improvement projects nationwide and they when they undertake a project they invest “for keeps.” More than 60% of them plan to stay in their home as they age, so with that expectation in mind, they tend to pay a little more…


Nesting Is Investing

HomeAdvisor Chief Economist Brad Hunter reports consumers are becoming more cautious with their money, which has positive implications for home improvement spending. Last week Macy’s, Nordstrom and Kohl’s all reported disappointing first quarters and experienced big stock price declines. Folks are shopping at the discount chains (or online) instead of at Macy’s, and the key theme is that they are trying to make their dollars go farther.


Outlook for Home Improvement Continues to Brighten

May 21, 2016 It’s been a busy day for remodeling trends and stats, and the news is decidedly positive. The National Association of Homebuilders (NAHB) released their RMI (Remodelers Index) and the Harvard Joint Center released their LIRA (Leading Indicator for Remodeling). They both showed that more remodelers are seeing increases than decreases. The forward-looking…


Report from PCBC: New Home Construction

I just got back from the Pacific Coast Builders Conference (PCBC) in San Francisco, and I heard some positive sentiment (Brexit shock notwithstanding) from builder executives. The level of traffic through showrooms and the quality of traffic have improved, supporting the pace of sales so far this selling season. Builders Focus on First-Time Buyers Builders…


Remodeling, Jobs, and Consumer Wherewithal

The recent poor performance of labor markets adds to concerns that consumers are pulling in their horns. Retail sales at major department store chains have been dismal.  Despite this, home-improvement spending has held up well. It will be important to watch measures of consumer confidence to see if the public psyche weakens along with the…


Home Improvement and “Churn”

February 11, 2016 The number of home improvement projects underway at any given time depends heavily on what I call “churn,” or the rate of turnover as it relates to homes.  The rate of churn across America has rebounded since the Great Recession — and with an increase in churn has come an increase in…


Prospective 2017 Home Improvement Trends: First-Timers and Fixer-Uppers

January 3, 2016 2017’s prospective home improvement trends are starting to come into better focus — and all signs point to a surge in first-time home buyers and home improvement spending.  In fact, HomeAdvisor’s 2017 forecast calls for a continued dwindling of “distress” and a continued increase in the number of “normal” home sales. And…