Brian Smith

Minneapolis, MN 55415

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Recent Community-Approved HomeAdvisor Pros in Minnesota

Pietigs Plus
Verified Review: "Jeff Pietigs and his crew were very professional and efficient. Every member of the crew was very personable and easy to work with. There was no doubt each of them knew their profession well. People have been admiring the job they did and I am quick to let them know just who did this job. Thank you Service Magic for leading us to Pietigs Plus."
Classic Concrete & Landscape, LLC
Verified Review: "Classic Concrete & Landscape did a great job. He performed work on time and on budget."
Epic Masonry Restoration
Verified Review: "Robert was very professional, worked efficiently and left the space super clean, hauled away all the waste. He made my ugly, crumbling basement walls into something beautiful."
Metro Building Restoration
Verified Review: "Friendly and professional. Arrived prepared, explained what the project entailed and completed project quickly. I pointed out another area of cracking cement between bricks that needed attention that I did not point out at the time estimate was made and that area was restored at no extra charge. Everything was left clean and looks great. Thank you. "