TT2 Vet

(910) 451-2111
Tarawa Terrace, NC 28543

TT2 Vet has not updated their listing or been screened by HomeAdvisor. However, you can find Screened and Approved Pet Care Services in Tarawa Terrace, NC.

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Tarawa Terrace, NC 28543
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Recent Job Requests for Pet Care Services in Tarawa Terrace, North Carolina:

Project: Clean Up Pet Waste
Location: Wilmington, NC
Date: 01/2013
Request for Commercial Location: No
How often: Weekly
Number of dogs: 2
Last cleaning: About 1 month ago
Start Service: Timing is flexible

Project: Hire a Pet or Dog Trainer
Location: Trinity, NC
Date: 01/2013
Dog Age: Less than 1 year
Type of training: In-Home
Dog skill level: Puppy / Beginner
Start Training: Timing is flexible
Recurrence of Session: Multiple times per week

Project: Clean Up Pet Waste
Date: 01/2013
Comment: I am looking to set up for pet waste service

Project: Hire a Pet Sitter
Location: Mooresville, NC
Date: 09/2012
Dog(s): 3
Cat(s): 1
Rabbit(s): 0
Bird(s): 0
Reptile(s): 0
Other: 0
Type of care: Feeding / watering
Type of care: Dog walking
Type of care: Play
Type of service: Recurring
Comment: We expect that you will treat my animals as you would your own.You will need to feed and water 2 times a day along with walking and playing. We keep the cat upstairs so the dogs can't get to him, so you will have to go up and play with him.

Project: Clean Up Pet Waste
Location: Charlotte, NC
Date: 06/2012
How often: One time service
Number of dogs: 1
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