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by Marcus Pickett

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There is no flooring like carpet: soft, pleasing, inexpensive, and a pain to maintain. Even conscientious homeowners who ask guests to remove shoes and vacuum regularly will need to periodically give their carpet a full-service cleaning to keep it looking like new. If you have pets or young children, you can forget about it. You might as well ink in at least an annual or biannual carpet cleaning in Austin. With 300 days of sunshine, many carpet installations are already going to be at a disadvantage due to the color fading associated with sun exposure. Even carpets that are well-maintained on a weekly basis should be cleaned at least every 18 months, whether they look dirty or not.

Austin Carpet Cleaning Services
Of course, you may also need carpet cleaning services that aren't part of your regularly scheduled maintenance. Stains, odors, and water damage can all wreak havoc when you're least expecting them. Stains on different carpet fibers need to be treated differently. Even proper household remedies vary considerably: absorbent powder for wine, cold water for coffee, warm water for ketchup, etc. If you don't know exactly what you're doing, you're more likely to make the stain worse than anything else. Odor removal is even trickier, as you must try to remove the source of the odor without unleashing it further by getting the carpet too wet.

Austin Carpet Cleaning Equipment
Many homeowners wonder if they can clean their own carpets and the answer is yes, but this requires purchasing expensive carpet cleaning equipment and finding a place to store it. Plus, the equipment you buy probably won't be of the same caliber as an Austin carpet cleaning company?s. Essentially, what you're paying for is equipment rental and the time it takes to transport the equipment to your home. You may be able to rent this equipment, but you probably won't be saving a ton of money by doing the project yourself. Additionally, different equipment has different handling guidelines, and you don't want to accidentally over-soak your carpet because you're unfamiliar with a particular commercial carpet cleaner.

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Cost of Hiring of Austin Carpet Cleaners
So, how much does it take to hire an Austin carpet cleaner? Probably somewhere between $100-$400 depending on the size of your carpet. The average cost of carpet cleaning is around $.30/per sq. ft. That said, most companies also charge a little more per sq. ft. for smaller jobs and a little less for larger jobs. Again, this has to do with the set cost of the equipment and transporting it to your home. Different Austin carpet cleaners may have their own types of rates, promotions for repeat customers, or discounts if you're willing to move your own furniture, etc.

Project Length of Austin Carpet Cleaning
As you might expect, it doesn't take long to clean a carpet. Each and every day ServiceMagic gathers information on all the projects we process. Among this information is project length. Many homeowners didn't even fill out project length for this task, which is a good indication it took only a few hours. Some Austin homeowners did tell us that it took 3 or 4 days for the Austin carpet cleaner's schedule to open up, but no dissatisfaction was expressed for unexpected delays. Just make sure you tell your carpet cleaner specifically what the project entails, the kind of furniture you have, any stains or odors, and if the carpet will need some repair, stretching, etc.

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