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by Marcus Pickett

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Many homeowners take their windows for granted. As long as they continue to hold up, not thinking about your windows is a nice luxury to have. It's human nature: Who cares what the spleen does as long as it doesn't act up? As long as the Cowboys keep winning, who cares how many interceptions Tony Romo throws? Still, some window maintenance and inspection can catch many window problems while they're still relatively painless to fix. The best time to do this is when you have your windows cleaned. Whether you do it yourself or hire a window cleaning company, inspecting your window glass, frame, and hardware can help identify signs of wear and tear that will help you prevent bigger problems. Window damage, like a cancer, continues to grow, and eventually can cause moisture damage, air leakage, and even pest infestation.

Handling Window Repair in Dallas
Windows allow light into your home and a way to see outside, but when a window is damaged more primary concerns need to be addressed. A cracked window frame can be touched up with a bit of caulk; a cracked windowpane should have a piece of duct tape put over it. For window hardware problems, secure your window, and don't attempt to force it open or closed more than is necessary. Major window damage can also become a home security risk. Unfortunately, this hazard is all too real in many areas around Dallas. Do your best to secure your window opening, and immediately take steps to talk to a Dallas window repair contractor.

Dallas Window Repair and Replacement
For accidental window damage, such as your kid or someone from the neighborhood doing his best Nolan Ryan impression and putting a baseball through the window, repair is a necessary, but sufficient, solution. Window damage that has resulted from time and wear and tear may be an indication that it's time to have your window replaced. Often, window repair is only marginally cheaper than having a replacement window installed. When you take into account increased energy-efficiency and reducing the risk that future repairs will be needed, this answer makes sense in many situations. If you're uncertain, talking to local Dallas window contractors can help you make this decision and tell you exactly what the difference in cost would be.

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Cost of Dallas Window Repair
To get you thinking about how you're going to handle your Dallas window repair, and what to expect with the project in general, ServiceMagic can provide you with data compiled from the home improvement projects we have processed. We've even broken down the average cost of window repair into its three major categories:

Dallas Window Frame Repair: $400 (ranges from $100-$900)
Dallas Window Glass Repair: $300 (ranges from $100-$800)
Dallas Window Hardware (Latches and Tracks): $200 (ranges from $50-$500)

Project Length of Dallas Window Repair
No window repair should take too long, especially since many window repairs require immediate attention. You shouldn't have to wait long after you make your request to start hearing from contractors. It's not unheard of to hear your phone ring five minutes after you finish the request. Simple window repairs, where you can accurately describe the problem over the phone, may be fixed in one day. More complicated problems may require a contractor to first come and inspect the window, then return to complete the necessary repairs.

Marcus Pickett is a professional freelance writer for the home remodeling industry. He has published more than 600 articles on both regional and national topics within the home improvement industry.