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by Matt Goering

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Anyone living in Denver knows that sitting at the foot of the Rocky Mountains makes for some of the most unique weather in the nation. You can get sun, rain, hail, and snow all in a single day, and that's no joke. While the weather in the Mile High City is something that Denverites generally take pride in, it's not so great for the roofs on Denver homes. Besides the dangers mentioned above, you can also add periodic high winds rolling down off the mountains and 300 days of sunlight a year into the mix. That makes for a recipe that can easily damage roofs and that's going to require you hire out a Denver roof repair now and again to get things back up to snuff.

Rest Easy. Denver Roof Repair is Not a Project that Will Break the Bank
Unlike season tickets to the Broncos or the Avs, the cost of roof repair in Denver is pretty reasonable. In fact, when you weigh a simple roof repair against the potentially catastrophic problems of water damage, rot, and mold that can result from leaks if you ignore loose, missing, or poorly installed shingles, this one is as much of a no-brainer as home improvements get. How reasonable is a basic roof repair? HomeAdvisor keeps track of all the roofing repair jobs done by Denver area contractors in our system by contacting homeowners after the jobs are completed. Based on that information, it's safe to say that the average roof repair job on an asphalt roof runs in the neighborhood of $200.

If your roof is severely damaged, or if you have higher end roofing materials such as cedar or concrete shingles, it can run a few hundred dollars more, though no job in our extensive database has topped $1,000. And on the other end of things, many of the jobs in our system ran as little as $50 or $100. Anyway you cut it, a simple roof repair, caught and addressed early on, is a great deal lot cheaper than replacing a roof altogether, or having to pay for major repair work in your attic, both of which can be necessary if you choose to ignore the signs of simple roofing problems.

How to Spot Problems that Necessitate Roof Repair in Denver
There are several tell-tale signs to keep an eye out for when it comes to problems with your roofing. Some will be hard to miss (like finding a shingle or two in your yard after a good chinook), while others will require you to be a little more diligent. Walking your roof once or twice a year is an easy way to catch small problems early on, before they turn into larger ones. Here's a list of common roofing problems to look out for:

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  • Curling is when the edges of your shingles curl upwards, and is generally the result of moisture buildup beneath the shingles. In the Mile High City this is usually the sign of poor attic ventilation that needs to be addressed, since curling makes your roof more susceptible to damage from high winds and to ice buildup come winter.

  • Broken or Missing Shingles are probably the most common form of roof damage experienced by front range homeowners. They are most often caused by hail storms and high winds, both of which are commonplace in the area. You should address these shortcomings as quickly as possible, since they are often entry points that allow water to get into your attic.

  • Clawing and Bare Shingles, indicated by curling down at the ends of your shingles and by shingles where the granulated covering has worn off, are more often than not an indication that your roof has seen better days. Sometimes spot repairs are possible, but it's more likely that you're in need of a new roof altogether.

  • Flashings around chimneys and vent pipes are often the culprit if you're experiencing leaks into your attic. This is a relatively simple repair that can include installing new flashing, or just properly sealing the flashing that is already there.

Call In Professional Denver Roof Repair Specialists
As mentioned earlier, the majority of these problems are easy fixes. Usually they require replacing damaged shingles with new ones and/or resealing existing shingles with roofing asphalt. Most roofing companies in the Denver metro area are happy to send out someone to quickly, and cost effectively, fix your problem. As mentioned earlier, the key here is catching these problems early on so they don't turn into bigger issues over time.

Advice from Denverites on Roofing Repair in Denver
While data collection in the form of costs and project duration is a big part of our follow up process, we also ask homeowner who've utilized our referral services if they have any advice for future homeowners in need of a roof repair. Across the board, Denverites are savvy in recommending that you search out multiple opinions before you sign a work order.

"Get all your quotes...It's worth the time to get the best value for your money," said one homeowner, while another echoed that suggestion: "get multiple bids," they wrote. "I got different answers from different people on how to fix the problems." That's sound advice, and highlights an important aspect of hiring roofing contractors.

While HomeAdvisor pre-screens its contractors and provides customer ratings to homeowners on all the contractors in our system, you're still wise to get multiple bids on any roofing project. Opinions will differ on what needs to be done, as do the scruples of different contractors. You don't want to end up replacing your entire roof if all that really needs to be done is replacing a shingle or two. Getting the opinion of at least three contractors on any job helps you to weed out bad seeds, and ensures that you'll get a consensus opinion on how serious your roof damage is and how to get your roof back up to snuff.

Matt Goering, formerly a carpenter and house painter, is a freelance writer for the home improvement industry who has published over 600 articles.