Different Styles of Berber Carpet

by Brice Particelli

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Berber carpet is a popular style because of its wool-like and rugged look, its durability, and its economic cost. Berber, also called high level loop, is a weave of tight yarn loops that stand upright in a nubby texture. Looped carpets like the Berber weave help hide footprints and vacuum marks and are easier to clean than cut-pile or plush where the loops are cut and exposed to accumulate more dirt. But like any other carpet style, Berber carpets come in a wide variation of quality, style, and performance.

Choosing a Carpet Fiber
The Berber style comes in many different carpet fibers, including the higher end wool or nylon, polyester, and the less expensive Olefin (polypropylene) and petro-plastic (PET). Originally, Berber carpets were constructed of either nylon fiber or wool, but with the increased quality and lifespan of stain-resistant synthetics, fibers like Olefin have become most popular. These fibers, though, are not without flaw. They have a tendency to crush over time and can slowly gray. For this reason, it is good to push for a high-density construction, perhaps one with a crushing warranty, or to consider the more expensive wool or nylon fibers.

Berber Carpet Cleaning
Berbers once were only made in variations of beige. With new stain-resistant carpet fibers, there are no longer limits to your interior design choices due to Berber carpet cleaning. With most Berbers, Olefin, or Olefin-nylon blend, the problem often isn't keeping the carpet clean, it is the seepage of liquid spills accumulating below the carpet.

As liquid evaporates, it slowly works its way through the carper again, causing that discoloration, or graying, you don't want in your Berber. For this reason, cleaning a stain-resistant carpet requires no less diligence than a traditional carpet. Stain-resistant fibers simply allow longevity, they do not let you not clean. Get it clean and get it dry. One without the other is a useless task.

Carpet should be cleaned every 12-18 months! Use this link for

Berber Carpet Cleaning

Berber Carpet Styles
Color is not your only option in choosing your style. Loops are cut in a variety of sizes, styles and patterns. Any variety of subtle patterns can fit your home design. And the natural appearance of these tightly looped carpets create a warm, comfortable atmosphere to any room.

Berber installation can be tricky because of the subtlety of these patterns and the difficulty in making seams invisible. When a homeowner is doing the installation alone, it is a good idea to order a good 10% more than you need to accommodate for pattern match. When hiring a carpet installation professional, be sure they are well experience in installing Berber carpets.

Brice Particelli, formerly a carpenter in Colorado and Kentucky, manages continuing education programs for Columbia University and is a freelance writer for both the home improvement and travel industries.