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by Matt Goering

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Home Security

With rising crime rates come greater security concerns, and nothing helps protect you and yours like installing a number of home security devices in your home. Electronic alarms, barrier bars, and motion detectors are just a few of the home security options available to you to choose from. Home security devices are excellent security investments because they perform the dual duty of deterring intruders and alerting you to the unwanted presence of an uninvited guest in your home.

Electronic Security Systems
Electronic security systems are probably the most effective of all the home security devices you can install in your home. In fact, many convicted burglars admit that if a home is protected by an electronic security system, they will move on and choose another target. Electronic security systems usually include a whole house system that is wired into a central panel. That central panel will detect any break-ins, be it through doors or windows, as well as the presence of intruders inside the home using motion detectors, after which several things happen. First of all, a loud alarm sounds to alert you to the intruder and to warn him that his presence is known. Secondly, your electronic system will then contact your security provider, who will either send out a security professional of their own, or call the proper authorities, to come secure the residence. For the ultimate in security, you can't beat an electronic security system.

Visual Deterrence
While an electric security system is the Rolls Royce of home security devices, some homeowners prefer less expensive, and less invasive, security techniques. A good place to start is by showing the potential intruder that security is a priority at your home through signs or other home security devices. Warning signs, such as "Neighborhood Watch," "protected by a security system," or even just a "beware of dog" sign, can be enough to turn an intruder away. Also, consider installing lights with motion detectors, and even an outdoor siren and strobe light (also hooked up to motion detectors), onto the exterior of your home. Both will startle an intruder, and send them packing, since most burglars prefer not be noticed.

Security Bars
Nothing screams security like a good set of wrought iron bars on your windows, doors, and other vulnerable entry points. Security bars serve as practical, and psychological, deterrents. They make breaking into your home much tougher, to be sure. But security bars also turn most intruders away before they even try. After all, whatever you've got inside probably isn't worth the work a burglar will have to put in to get inside a security bar protected home.

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Electronic Home Security Devices
Besides an all out electronic security system, installing simpler electronic home security devices can also be a smart choice. Door and window contacts are electronic add-ons that trigger an alarm when the seal of a door or window is opened without permission. They are recommended for all windows and doors on ground levels, especially those hidden by trees and shrubbery. Besides door and window contacts, installing a simple video monitoring system has never been easier. It allows to you monitor all areas of your home at the click of a button, and newer systems can even be wired directly into your television, allowing you to monitor your home from the comfort of your family room couch! Finally, consider installing a simple wireless panic button. It's an electronic device that lets you call for help at the touch of a button.

Talk to a Security Contractor
Home security is no laughing matter. Taking any measures to protect your home and family is a good idea, whether you're installing alarms triggered by motion detectors or full electronic security systems. Keep in mind, however, that you really can't beat the knowledge and expertise of a home security contractor when it comes to home protection. If you're interested in installing any of a number of home security solutions to your home, talk to a security professional about which security improvements are best for your home and your family.

Matt Goering, formerly a carpenter and house painter, is a freelance writer for the home improvement industry who has published over 600 articles.