Pittsburgh Rain Gutter Installation

by Jon Nunan

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In a place that receives as much precipitation as Pittsburgh, rain gutters are more important than you might think. Aside from keeping water from cascading down over the entrance to your home, rain gutters also direct rainwater away from where it can damage your home. Poorly directed rainwater can cause basement flooding, and, over a period of decades, can actually cause your house to sink and compromise the stability of a house's foundation. As you can imagine, these more serious long-term problems are no laughing matter and can cost a whole lot of money to repair.

Benefits of Rain Gutters in Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh rain gutters have the job of diverting over 3 feet of rain every year. Though residents of Steel City don't get nearly as soggy as people in Mobile, Alabama (who are blessed with over 5 feet of rain annually), southwestern PA is still a pretty wet place to be. All that water, if left to its own devices, could cause severe damage due to erosion.

Thankfully, our rain gutters know just where to put all that precipitation! Instead of allowing rain water to settle in basements, fall from roofs directly onto people's heads, or slowly wear away the precious earth along the side of houses, a Pittsburgh rain gutter and downspout system sends that water on a long journey down hills and through pipes and into a river. In effect, the biggest benefit of Pittsburgh rain gutters is the peace of mind you get whenever it rains and the knowledge that your house isn't getting weaker one drop at a time!

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Rain Gutter Installation in Pittsburgh
Now that we know why they are important, it's a good idea to have a look at the gutters on your home to make sure that they are functioning well. During a storm, does water travel freely without overflowing? Do they carry water to where it is supposed to be? Are they free of grass, dandelions, and small trees? If the answer to any of these questions is "no," your gutters might need some work.

When it comes to gutter installation, Pittsburgh residents will have two main options to choose from. On older homes, you usually see sectional gutters; these come ready made in certain lengths and can be installed relatively easily. The more popular choice in recent years has been the seamless gutter. These are generally professionally installed because they need to be cut to size on site, but they don't have the problems associated with sectional gutters (where the seams can leak and contribute to clogs).

No matter what kind of gutter you have, if it is in disrepair or it is extremely clogged (which can be even worse), it is not doing the job it was put there to do. You might not have to fully replace a leaking gutter and you may not have to hire a professional to clean a clogged one. If left unchecked for too long, however, you will end up with a larger problem than you started with.

Pittsburgh Gutter Installation Prices
To hire a professional to clean your rain gutters, Pittsburgh residents can expect to pay up to $400, though in most cases it can be done for closer to $100. Small gutter repairs start below $100, but for serious work on an unusual system (like copper or wood), prices can sometimes hit $1,000. For gutter installation, Pittsburgh homeowners can expect their bill to be somewhere in the $1,000 range for your average seamless system, though something fancy (like copper) can easily run around $5,000.

Jon Nunan is a freelance writer who draws on his experience in construction, ranging from landscaping to log home building, for his articles on home improvement.