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by Jon Nunan

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A roof is one of the most important components of your home. A good one will reduce heat transfer between your home's interior and exterior, and keep your possessions and the other parts of the structure from sustaining unnecessary damage. Unfortunately, a roof that's in disrepair can lead to a significant amount of property damage, as well as cost a bundle to fix. While many factors that can make a roof age prematurely are less of a factor in a place like San Diego, roof inspection is still a job that's worth the time and money to do regularly.

Benefits of San Diego Roof Inspections
A roof has to deal with conditions that the rest of the house does not. It gets rained on, baked in the sun, and is subjected to just about anything else that Mother Nature can come up with year round. San Diego's mild climate is certainly a positive force in the life of a roof, but every roof will at some point need to be repaired. The biggest benefit of regular roof inspection is keeping the inevitable issues from becoming much larger problems with much larger price tags.

Leaks and other problems can exist for long periods of time before they show any overt signs of existence. Sometimes a leak can be present for months or years without any sign of a watermark or visible drip. This kind of situation, though it might seem harmless, can cause a lot of damage. Most homeowners are simply not in a position to spot such issues at this early stage. Hiring a professional roof inspector with the proper training and tools will enable you to find out what areas need attention, and which might require some work in the future.

What To Expect During a Roof Inspection in San Diego
In San Diego, roof inspection can be done in a few different ways, and the type of roof might play a role in how an inspector will deal with your particular roof. In most cases, an inspector will need to look at the roof from a distance, examine it up close, and may need to have a look around the attic as well. If you have a tile roof (some roofing tile is extremely brittle and can crack underfoot), a roof with a very steep pitch, or one that is very difficult to access, an inspector might forgo walking on top and instead examine it from a ladder or from the ground with binoculars.

The inspector will look for any weak spots, identify any existing problems, and may give you an estimate of how much these issues will cost to fix as well as the time frame in which they will need to be attended to. It is recommended that an inspection be done once a year on any roof that's more than a few years old. If you are planning on purchasing a house, the lender will most likely require an inspection before a loan is approved. In San Diego, roof inspection doesn't have the kind of "off season" like it does in harsher climates, but you should still check the forecast for rain before scheduling.

San Diego Roof Inspection Prices
Getting your roof inspected might seem like an unnecessary expense, but when you consider the money you can save by catching a small problem early, an annual inspection makes a lot of sense. No roof inspection should be more than a few hundred dollars, and you'll probably be able to find several different estimates. Some roofing companies will offer a "free" roof inspection; San Diego residents should be wary of such offers, as that "free" inspection might end up in the cost of needed repairs once all is said and done.

Jon Nunan is a freelance writer who draws on his experience in construction, ranging from landscaping to log home building, for his articles on home improvement.