Trendy Slate Roofing Ideas

by Matt Myers

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Roofs don't often come to mind when homeowners think of trendy remodels. The aesthetic of roofs are all curb appeal because no one is going to stand inside your living room, warming themselves by the fireplace, and compliment you on how nice your roof looks. There are other beautiful features of your home's interior that will have their attention once they are indoors. But don't overlook this sector of your curb appeal. It might have more value that you might imagine.

Slate Roofing
Slate tile roofing is the hottest thing in roofing today, as it has been for quite some time. Slate tile roofing is one of those odd trends that aren't really trends but more ideas that have finally realized, like hickory flooring. While we're on it the subject, click this link if you want to read more about hickory flooring.

The pet rock feels like a trend. So do Lava Lamps. Slate roofs do not. However, it has become "trendy" to have slate roofing, so there is no reason to debate the semantics. What's great about the this new deserved attention for slate roofs is that slate roofs can last fifty years or more, and so part of the attraction to slate roofs is their utility and durability. It is a comforting thing to install slate roofing and never have to replace your roof again.

Stylish Slate Roofs
The original draw to slate roofing tiles is their old world appearance. Slate roofing tiles have been around as long as houses have been around, and their reputation has stood the test of time. Slate roofing tiles have a metallic blue-gray appearance that is commonly seen in high-end neighborhoods, and because slate's comeback began in upscale communities, it is now associated with high class. This bodes well for the average homeowner because when averaged over the life of the roof, slate roofing tiles will cost less than other roofing materials that will eventually need to be replaced, sometimes more than once.

Drawbacks to Slate Tile Roofing
Slate is a relatively brittle material. If you live in an area where your roof will get an elevated amount of traffic, such as somewhere that typically receives a lot of hail or an area that has many old trees that lose branches, this might mean that you need to have roofing repair done often. This can be a rather large problem in some areas where slate tile roofing contractors are scarce.

Another issue is that slate is much heavier than typical roofing materials, and it requires a larger amount of support than exists on most homes. To replace your existing roof with new slate tiles you may need to fortify your roof, which can drive up the cost.

Be sure that you have considered all these factors before you hire someone to install slate tile roofing on your home. Make sure your roof does not receive more damage than a typical home, that your roof has enough support, and that there are contractors in your area who can repair any tiles if they happen to break.

If you have met all these requirements, click this link to install slate roofing.

Advantages of Slate Tiles
While individual tiles may break from time to time, slate tiles as a whole can last over 50 years. This means one roofing job, then you're done. You won't have to do it again. Slate tiles are considered to be high-end materials, plus they give your roof a nice uniform look that can be seen from a mile away because of the eye-catching metallic quality to slate.

All systems are a go on slate. If you roof can support the weight, then you are just a click away from having slate installed on your roof. This is one final chance, so click here and get your roof new slate tiles.
Matt Myers is a freelance writer for the home maintenance and remodeling industry. Formerly a contractor specializing in deck building and casework, Matt has written over 500 articles for both homeowners and contractors.