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Construction Jobs Online: Finding a Source You Can Trust

Many residential contractors have turned to online lead services to find construction jobs. In their search for the right service for them, they found HomeAdvisor Pro -- a cost-effective and low-risk alternative to reach today's Internet-savvy consumer. HomeAdvisor Pro specializes in bringing targeted construction job leads to residential contractors in their geographic area and specific to their type of work. We act as an "Internet funnel" by connecting residential contractors looking for construction jobs with prospective clients who have "raised their hand" saying they have a construction job to be done NOW.

Who is Searching Online for Contractors to Fulfill their Construction Job Needs?
Creating or building an online presence can connect residential independent contractors with an affluent, highly educated and enthusiastic new audience they otherwise would be unable to reach. Generally, online consumers looking for help with construction jobs are Internet-savvy homeowners who are 25-55 years of age, earning in excess of $50,000. Often they have the income levels necessary to invest in a wide range of construction jobs, like building outdoor kitchens.

Why Pick HomeAdvisor Pro for Online Construction Job Leads?
HomeAdvisor Pro creates a connection between online consumers and its 31,000 prescreened member contractors that are matched to residential construction job requests. The company currently operates nationally, attracting over 2 million consumers to its Web site each month and processin more than 125,000 monthly construction job requests. To date, HomeAdvisor Pro has handled more than 3 million construction job requests for home services, representing an estimated $11 billion in consumer spending.

When selecting an online service to work with you should look into how they generate their home improvement leads for construction jobs to ensure the customers contact information and construction job request is valid. HomeAdvisor Pro allows more targeting than other services. While some services limit your choices to broad construction job categories and geographies, our service profiles member businesses at a much more granular level (specific types of construction jobs i.e. exterior vs. interior painting, specific locations down to a zip-code match) and match consumer construction job needs to them based on these attributes. As a result, contractors are able to tap a new client base and have access to a steady flow of their most preferred construction jobs. Because of this, HomeAdvisor Pro members spend less time and effort prospecting, qualifying and chasing down contractor leads . Instead they have potential construction jobs come to them.

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